Devrim Lingna finds title actress on au – in the latest version of Netflix “CC”

Devrim Lingna finds title actress on au - in the latest version of Netflix "CC"

Netflix has identified two key actors in its “The Empress” series: Devrim Linga au slips into the role of CC, the future emperor of Austria-Hungary, and Philip Frozen takes on the role of Emperor of France. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with Katherine Eisen (already Time of Secrets) presenting the six – part series.

Shooting for “The Empress” will begin in the spring of 2021, with the series’ release scheduled for 2022. Shoraner Eisen Comments: It gives us the opportunity to tell the moving story of Emperor Elizabeth for today’s audience. Consistent with the modern image of women. Devrim is not only a very talented, versatile actress, but she includes this woman for me: intelligent, passionate, and rebellious. Philip Frozen, in the role of Franz Joseph, creates something we have never seen before: more thematic conflicts than ever before.

Actress Devrim Lingna au Netflix / Matthias Bothor

Historically, in August 1853 there was an unfortunate confrontation between Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary and Princess Elizabeth von Wittelbach of Bavaria – meanwhile, the sister of a woman named Franz Joseph was to be married.

The life and love story of Emperor Elizabeth, known as “CC” or “Sissy”, has inspired viewers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for generations. As previously reported, this adaptation of the life story wants to stand out from the glamorous “Sissy” movies: however, in the first season of their planned adaptation, the plot is initially limited to the first few months that CC arrives in Viennese. Court, gives you more experience, takes more time than other adaptations trying to hide CC for the rest of his life, so you need to move forward in a hurry.

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Accordingly, the hitherto neglected figures and constellations should be illuminated. For example, Emperor Joseph of France is not described as a complex and weak ruler, although he has had a profound influence on European history. His brother is also said to play a major role in Netflix’s CC series.

Revolution Linga au Stand Lot Netflix At the age of sixteen, she was in front of the camera for the first time, and has been very busy ever since, starring in the two-part “Under Verdach” (2017) and film adaptation of “Urhose” (novel). 2019). Philip Froysen lives in Munich and attends the Otto Falconberg School of the Academy of Performing Arts. The 26-year-old has found his way into acting and is in front of the camera for the Netflix thriller “Black Island” (coming 2021).

Actor Philip Froysent Netflix / Matthias Bothor

Catherine Eisen is co-writing with writers Bernd Lange and Jana Nandാനsik for The Empress, co-produced by Jochen Loeb and Fabian Mobbach from Somerhos Film Productions.

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