dEUS: A new album in 2023!

dEUS: A new album in 2023!

Classic 21 was live from the Ronquières festival this Sunday, and if there was only one piece of information that the group in our studio had to remember, it was certainly Tom Barman’s announcement that a dEUS album would be released in February / March 2023. A tour will follow! A single will be announced in the coming days, stay tuned for Classic 21.

The frontman explained that the album will be finished in the coming weeks and will be “sweet, emotional and intense” because of the period we’ve just been through.

He clarified that he did not want to make an album “for the sake of making an album” but had carefully considered the project. It’s been 10 years since the band recorded together. So the pressure is important, according to Barman, especially before release, because he’s already wondering what fans will think of the single.

Another surprise was the return to the stage of Mauro Pawlowski, who actively participated in the conception of this new album.

The band’s latest project is a 2019 re-release Ideal Crash A tour was offered around the album to celebrate its 20th birthday.

Tom Barman also confirms that he has completed the script for his second film, which is slated for release in 2024/2025.

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