Detected Ryzen 7000 processor and MSI B650 motherboard

Detected Ryzen 7000 processor and MSI B650 motherboard

A screenshot of an AMD engineering sample inserted into an MSI MAG B650 motherboard appeared on Twitter. Considering the use of the undeclared B650 chipset, it will most likely be a processor with Zen 4 architecture. Although the exact name and features of the CPU are not mentioned, the image contains useful information.

So it looks like AMD and its partners are developing the B650 chipset for midrange motherboards. This means that compared to the current generation, the new flagship chipset and its younger brother can be introduced a little later. In fact, the cheaper B550 boards were released in June 2020, almost a year later than the X570 in July 2019.

Also, it is worth noting that the CPU operates at not less than 1,532 volts. This chip has not yet been optimized, which could test the possibility of overclocking or misread the voltage. So this value does not have to be a reflection of retail models.

Mass production of the alleged Ryzen 7000 processors is rumored to start this month or next. The first Raphael SKU is expected to be available by the end of the third quarter of this year.

HXL (Twitter)

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