Destiny – Winx Saga on Netflix: What’s the Modern Replay of the Cult Animated Series? – TV news series

Destiny - Winx Saga on Netflix: What's the Modern Replay of the Cult Animated Series?  - TV news series

Destiny: With Winx Sagai, Netflix is ​​offering a live-action adaptation of the Italian animated series, which has marked an entire generation. Want to see this series?

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What are you talking about?

Verdict: Winx Saga focuses on the initial journey of five fairies attending Alpha, a fairy boarding school located in another world. That is where they must learn to use their magical powers, while finding love and overcoming their enemies and confronting the monsters who threaten to destroy them.

Destiny: Brian Young’s Winx Saga, live-replay of the Italian animated series Winx Club, and Ignio Strofie.

The first season of Fate: Winx Saga is fully available on Netflix. Episodes watched: 6/6

What does it look like?

Would a look be good?

“If you want, you can be with us tomorrow”. The honor of worship is through these first words Winx Club Marked a whole generation in the 2000s. Italian animated seriesIgneous trophy The Magic School of Alfie immersed many children and pre-cons, in which it turned into a boarding school, in which a group of fairies learned to master their powers while fighting monsters and managing their love affairs. With Japanese animation, ultra pop colors, and a beautiful fairytale vibe, the Nokia Winx Club has been able to captivate the world with its beauty.

So when the plan for a live action adaptation for Netflix was announced, the teeth suddenly clenched. And the first films in the series Verdict: Winx Saga Fans of the first hour of the cartoon are not guaranteed. Get out of the colorful beauty, big-eyed fairies, long legs, shiny dresses and pink schoolgirls. But do we really need an adaptation of the Winx Club model? Cheap ? not really. Brian Young, Showrunner and Destiny: Producer of The Winx Saga favors a more mature reinterpretation of the cartoon world and suggests a series based on his experience as a screenwriter in the Vampire Diaries Coming of age In our modern 2.0 world it is dark and glamorous.


Six episodes covering the first season of Destiny were filmed in Ireland: The Winx Saga is reminiscent of The New Adventures of Safrina, another popular replay of a cult series on Netflix. In an atmosphere of mixing Riverdale, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries and Destin, Winx Saga has everything to attract teenagers with diverse and inclusive cast, attractive sets, special effects and an addictive plot. We can also trust a pop soundtrack that perfectly tunes episodes focused on identity quests, battles against monsters, and powerful female acquisitions. The series is played with known and accepted codes Teen plays It works, though the biggest fans of the cartoon may be disappointed with the changes.

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The characters in this series are very attractive – you can easily identify with them – and the actors of young talent are convincing. And more than one fascinating love story. But we apologize for the lack of tricks from the three evil witches who fought Winx in the animated series. Instead, we deserve Beatrix to be a bad magician, yet he does exactly that job. Other freedoms have been taken in connection with the cartoon, the lack of Tekna and Flora to replace Terra, or the inclusion of specialists within the Alpha School instead of Fontaine Rouge. But we forgive this scriptwriting disbelief, because it broadly respects the spirit and legends of the Winx Club universe, especially to the end, with a more modern and integrated plot and incredibly addictive.

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