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Destiny (sort) canonized in “supernatural”.

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After 15 seasons and long years, discussing painting, dirty fan fiction and co-stars Inhumanity Finally the Destal Canon was made.

Destil is certainly the angel of Dean Winchester and Castiel. Fans’ favorite ship is a ship that they have joked and hinted at many times throughout (really, for a long time). Inhumanity Run. There has been a lot of debate in places like Tumblr about the real intentions of the show’s writers.

Teasing is also called QueenBaiting – which means leaving small jokes for LGBTQ fans, but never fully working out so as not to upset anyone.

Now, as the show nears its series finale on November 15, it has given fans what they need. OK, sort.

In Thursday’s episode, Castial announces his love for Dean with tears in a scene that is a real punch for destiny lovers.

“Ever since I dragged you out of hell, I knew you had changed me. Because you listened, I listened. I listened to you, I listened to Sam, listened to Jack. But because of you I listened to the whole world. You changed me, Dean,” Castiel tells Dean.

When Dean asks why Castiel is saying goodbye, Castiel says, “Because, I love you. Goodbye, Dean.”

Then he is dragged to a kind of hell and dies, and Dean falls to the ground.

But despite this declaration of love, many are not entirely satisfied.

First, there is the fact that Dean did not respond to Castiel’s announcement, which was completely unilateral, which is very common for Dean’s straight brand masculinity.

It is also disturbing that Castiel was killed shortly after his confession.Bury your homosexuals“Troop.

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This is disappointing on all homosexual vessels that export.

But no matter what you think about it, there is no denying that there is a definite Tumbler-Circa-2012 vibe right now.

That moment was really a Great deal Anyone deep.

Lots of things to deal with on an already intense night.

To make matters worse, people began joking about Destiny, and a report that Vladimir Putin would step down. (The Kremlin rejected the report.)

This is weird. Everything is weird.

Inhumanity There are two episodes that are two hours long, so the show still has a chance to recover itself. But, you know, don’t hold your breath.

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