‘Destiny 2’ confirms live event, when and where

'Destiny 2' confirms live event, when and where

Destiny 2 fans are wondering if Bungee is going to close Season of Arrivals with another live event (a) We had a season last with the destruction of Almighty and B) There are four giant pyramids in four zones. It’s going to get out of the game.

Well, the cat is out of the bag, which may seem like a coincidence, but it needs to be confirmed later by Luke Smith, the most authoritative source on the bungee.

Yesterday, an official official bungee email came out, saying the following:

“Hold on to the end of the season and see the conclusion before Beyond Light releases. For more information on what’s to come, read this week’s new on Bungee. ”

Although the end of the season “Final” event seems to be revealing, it is sure to be linked to TWAB, Actually said nothing about it.

This reminded Luke Smith a few hours later:

Yes, there is one, when Smith is not around Super Specifically, here is what I extracted from:

“A small event” – smaller than Almighty Destruction and Crash Landing.

“Some time to cool down in the tower” – so nothing goes off any of the planets, which confirms my theory.

“Before the lights go out” – everyone reads it there in capital letters “lights”, but really this part tells me it’s time, and it looks like it will be close when the servers go down at 14pm on Monday night. .

Before any of this happened, players noticed that Bungee had told them that they would be removed from action at 7 PM ET on Monday and asked to download a small update before re-entering. This indicates to me that it is loading into the live event at the last minute, it did not leak completely in advance. So whatever happens, it can start later. In short, plan to sit in the tower between 7 PM ET during this update and 10 PM ET when the servers close. I do not know if the event is literally three hours or the last thirty seconds before the server turns off, but this is all we know now.

I’m happy with what they do Something, No matter how small. Considering all the games that happen when Zones disappear, it seems like a live event is a must. Luke Smith I don’t know if this underscores a big surprise, but I control expectations. My level of expectation now = Watch the traveler heal or see a pyramid on the ground. But we will see in a few days and will know for sure.

Sorry, go back to fixing that ARG

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