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Trotz des Riesenerfolgs: Darum wurde "Vikings" genau jetzt beendet

Season 6 of “The Vikings” is once again gaining popularity on Amazon Prime Video. However, the series is now over. Series creator Michael Hirst commented and justified his decision.

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In the second half of the sixth season, “The Vikings” ended up on Amazon Prime Video by the end of 2020. If many fans still followed – perhaps the station behind the series – the historical epic would have continued for some time.

The decision to continue the series, despite its continued success, was made first and foremost by the series’ creator, Michael Hirst.Thanks to his great popularity he had accurate ideas about the scope of his series from the beginning and was finally able to implement them as he wished.

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From beginning to end, “The Vikings” was his “baby”, mainly responsible for seven years, and he wrote all the episodes himself.

Clear plan for the final

When he first presented his series, Hist had a clear purpose, and presented directly to those in charge at the History Station how to end his series. When he finally got to that point, Hearst felt it was okay to draw a line. Opposite the website Gamespot He explained:

“I know where I end up. It was very satisfying when we got to that position with last season. I felt like I was saying what I really had to say about the Vikings. I was fascinated by their culture and beliefs and wanted to dispel these prejudices and problems about them.

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Then I fell in love with these main characters. My days and nights have been full of ‘Vikings’ for seven years. I wrote until midnight, traveling every week [zum Drehort] To Ireland. It’s time to end the saga. “

Qualified degree “for Vikings”

Of course, a successful final means not only adjusting it at the right time, but also not dragging the series to its peak, which is self-satisfying. Michael Hirst was also aware of this:

“I had to satisfactorily complete these different story contexts “It’s a deal that doesn’t pay off in any way,” Hearst continued Gamespot-Interview. “If I can think of endings that I feel satisfying and worthy of, I can expect the audience to feel the same way, after all, the characters are so important to me.

Of course it was very emotional, because it meant I had to kill some of my favorite characters. The whole season, especially the last ten episodes have been very emotional for me and I have lost a lot of sleep. But at the same time, coming to an end was a relief.

“Vikings” supplies are still in view

However, the end of the “Vikings” is not the exact end of the saga. The series and its characters are definitely over, However, with the spin-off of “Vikings: Valhalla”, the successful series will soon be connected It presents us with the adventures of the next section in Viking history, which begins almost 100 years after the end of the main series.

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But Hirst does not shake his words above. As a producer, he will only participate in the new series. At the same time, responsibility as a writer passed to senior screenwriter Jeb Stuart (“Die Hard”, “On the Run”).

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“Vikings: Valhalla” should launch in 2021 – but not on Amazon Prime Video, but on Netflix.

This is how “Vikings” and “Vikings: Valhalla” are connected

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