Despite the huge success: that’s why the “Vikings” have now ended – the series news

Despite the huge success: that's why the "Vikings" have now ended - the series news

“Vikingshouse” Season 6 is (and was) very popular again on Amazon Prime Video. However, the series is now over. Series creator Michael Hearst responded and justified his decision.

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With the second half of the sixth season, “The Vikings” is now ending up on Amazon Prime Video by the end of 2020. If a lot of fans – and perhaps the broadcaster behind the series – had their way, the historical epic would certainly have gone on for some time.

Despite the successive successes, the decision to end the series now comes from the series’ creator, Michael Hirst.He had precise ideas about the plot of his series from the beginning, and thanks to his great popularity he was finally able to execute them the way he wanted.

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From start to finish, the Vikings are 100% his “baby” and he cared for them for over seven years, writing each episode himself.

Clear plan for the final

When he first presented his series, Hearst had a clear goal in mind, and presented live to those responsible on the History Channel how his series should end. When he finally got to that point, Hirst thought it was okay to draw a line. Opposite the site Gamespot He explained:

“I knew where I was going. When we got to that level last season it was very satisfying. I also felt like I was told what I really had to say about the Vikings. Fascinated by their culture and beliefs, I wanted to dispel these prejudices and clichs about them.

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Then I fell in love with these main characters. For seven years my days and nights were often filled with ‘Vikings’. I wrote until midnight and traveled every week [zum Drehort] To Ireland. It’s time to end the epic.

Worthy conclusion for the “Vikings”

Of course, not only is it set at the right time not to drag a successful final series beyond its peak, it is satisfying in itself. Michael Hirst also knew about this:

“I had to give a satisfactory conclusion to these different story contexts “It simply came to our notice then Gamespot-Interview. “If I can bring to an end what I feel is satisfying and worthy, I hope the audience will feel the same way after all the characters are so important to me.

Of course it was very emotional, because I had to kill some of my favorite characters. The whole season, especially the last ten episodes, was very emotional for me and I lost a lot of sleep. But at the same time coming to an end was a relief.

The “Vikings” replacement is still in view

However, the end of the Vikings does not strictly dictate the final end of the saga. Although the series and its characters are over, The spin-off “Vikings: Valhalla”, however, will soon be followed by a successful series Nearly 100 years after the end of the main series, we are presented with the adventure of the next chapter in Viking history.

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However, Hirst does not change his above words. He will only be appearing in the new series as a producer. He then handed over the writing responsibilities to senior screenwriter Jeb Stewart (“Die Hard,” “On the Run”).

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“Vikings: Valhalla” will launch in 2021 – but not on Amazon Prime Video, but on Netflix.

This is how “Vikings” and “Vikings: Valhalla” are connected

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