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Desiree Nosebush presents “Opus Classic 2021” in ZDF

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Mains (ots) – “OPUS KLASSIK” in ZDF receives a new presenter: Sunday, October 10, 2021 Désirée Nosbusch presents the important music award at ZDF.

Desiree Nose Bush is waiting for a new assignment. Music plays an important role in her life from a young age: “When I was eight, I started studying music at a conservatory in Luxembourg and fell in love with Bach’s piano pieces. When I was 15 years old when I hosted ‘Hits from the School Desk’ on ZDF, I really realized the breadth of my passion for music. I think it’s an honor to be able to take on the ‘Opus Classic’ moderation from my best colleague Thomas Gotzchack. It’s like coming home! ”

ZDF will broadcast “Opus Classic” live on October 10, 2021, with a time delay of 10.15pm. Some of this year’s award winners will appear live, while others will be shown on video at the festival’s Opus Gala, which is taking place for the fourth time at the Berlin Concertouse in Gendermenmark. Concerthousechester will play under the direction of Cornelius Meister.

At other classic events on ZDF, Desiree Nosebush has already successfully led the program, most recently with “Somernachsmusic” in 2018 with Jonas Kaufmann of the Berlin Waldburn.

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Desiri Nosebush presents “OPUS CLASSIC 2021” in ZDF

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