Depression continues today … no warning!

Depression continues today ... no warning!

The Meteorological Department of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said that the weather will be generally cloudy tomorrow, with occasional scattered showers and no slight change in temperature along the coast and in the mountains. Active winds intensifying in the morning and in northern areas. Snowfall at altitudes of 1500 m and above, heavy snowfall at high altitudes and continuous snowfall at 1700 m and above, with occasional showers.
It is stated in the following bulletin:

General situation: Depression with cold air mass continues in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean until Friday morning, gradually decreasing in the afternoon.
He also warns against the formation of torrential rains and billboards as a result of heavy rains and rough seas today.
(The average coastal temperature in December is 13 to 21 degrees Celsius)

– Expected weather in Lebanon:
Tuesday: Cloudy with no change in temperature, with scattered showers, thundershowers and strong winds in the northern parts of the country up to 65 kmph. Heavy snowfall at 1400 and above, dense fog at high altitudes, and warnings of poor visibility on mountain roads and snowfall on roads 1700 and above.

Wednesday: Generally cloudy with no slight change in temperature along the coast and in the mountains. Snow falls at altitudes of 1500 m and above, heavy fog continuously at altitudes and the possibility of snow formation on roads above 1700 m and above, if the evening rains subside.

Thursday: Partly cloudy with occasional cloudy weather, slight drop in temperature, scattered rain and active winds in the northern parts of the country. Snow falls at altitudes of 1400 m and above, and heavy fog continues to rise and fall. Roads above 1600 m are prone to snow formation.

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Friday: Slight drop in temperature and scattered showers in the morning. Snow falls at an altitude of 1500 m. In the afternoon the rainfall gradually decreases and the weather gradually improves as it becomes partly cloudy with continuous formation of heavy fog. Snow in the heights.

– Coastal temperatures range from 8 to 16 degrees, mountains from 3 to 8 degrees and inland from 3 to 7 degrees.
– Surface wind: Southwesterly with speeds between 40 and 55 mph and in the north of the country at 65 km / h.
Visibility: Moderate, sometimes poor.
– Relative humidity along the coast: 55 to 80%
Sea conditions: Wave to rough, Surface water temperature: 21 degrees.
Atmospheric pressure: 764 mm Hg.
– Sunrise time: 6,39
– Sunset time: 16,34

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