Dense fog, fog .. Tomorrow’s weather and temperature forecast

مصر فايف

The Meteorological Authority has issued a statement WeatherTomorrow’s weather forecast, Tuesday, January 5, 2021, states that the country is expected to witness moderately hot weather during the day and cold and frosty at night, with water in some areas witnessing snowfall. Light rain is expected in some areas, as the report indicates, with snow covering agricultural areas and desert roads.


The weather authority’s forecast for Egyptian cities and governorates tomorrow is as follows:

  • Cairo and Lower Egypt: The weather is expected to be mild during the day and very cold at night.
  • Northeast coast: Moderate weather during the day and cool and mild winds at night.
  • Northwest Coast: Moderate during the day and cool at night with moderate winds.
  • South Sinai and Red Sea Mountains: Warm weather during the day and very cold and mild winds at night.
  • Northern Upper Egypt: Hot weather during the day and very cold and windy at night.
  • Southern Upper Egypt: Hot weather during the day and very cold and windy at night are expected.

Dense fog with rain

Tuesday’s weather forecast indicates moderate weather in Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, hotter in southern Upper Egypt and southern Sinai, cold in northern Sinai during the day, cold in northern coasts, Cairo and Al-Waj in Bahri and southern Sinai.

According to a report released by the Meteorological Department, light rain is expected along the northwest coast of the country. Areas “northeast and west coasts, Lower Egypt, Red Sea, northern Upper Egypt, and southern Sinai” will experience heavy water fog in the morning. Al-Baker first, until the fog reaches the desert roads and agricultural areas.

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The case of Bahrain

As for Bahrain’s weather forecast, the authority confirmed that the Mediterranean state is expected to be moderate, with waves up to one and a half to two meters high and surface winds blowing northeast, while the Red Sea is between light and moderate, with wavelengths ranging from one meter to two and a half meters.


Expected temperatures for Egyptian cities and governorates were:

City Excellent temperature Low temperature
Cairo 22 13
Alexandria 22 12
Sheeban L. Coom 22 13
Baltim 21 14
മാത്രു 22 10
Damietta 22 13
Ismailia 23 11
Rafa 20 11
Taba 22 13
Minia 23 08

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