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This Sunday, May 8, Bono and The Edge of the Irish Rock Band performed a concert on the kyiv metro. President Volodymyr Selensky invited them to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The soft pink light envelops Bono and The Edge. Armed with a guitar and voice familiar to rock fans, they perform some of their most popular songs: With or without you, VertigoThe concert is very close. U2 brings a few notes of poetry to the dark events that gripped Ukraine. In front of them, the audience is very agitated.

The struggle for freedom

The people of Ukraine are not fighting for your own freedom, you are fighting for all of us who love freedom., “(” The Ukrainian people are fighting not only for their own freedom, but for all freedom lovers “) says singer Bono at one point. A few notes from Sunday is a bad Sunday With his speech. Shortly afterwards, the U2 joined the Ukrainian group Antitila in presenting Stay with UkraineVersion of the famous song stand by Me (Ben E. King).

In a poignant speech, Bono refers to the events of Northern Ireland’s struggle for independence. Thus he conveys a message of hope: the struggle is not in vain. The solidarity shown by the community is not limited to a few songs. Indeed, they remind us all that the struggle for freedom is a universal struggle.

View: U2, © Remy (CC BY 4.0) during the Joshua Tree Tour in Brussels on August 1, 2017.

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