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Democrats will use ‘every arrow in our arsenal’ to block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee ‘

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Pelosi does not reject the impeachment motion to block the Trump nominee from appearing before the Supreme Court.

Pelosi, who appeared in an interview with ABC News chief anchor George Stefanopoulos, said he would not rule out initiating impeachment proceedings. Block the Senate From confirming President Donald Trump’s nominee.

“We have our options. We have arrows in our arsenal, which I am not going to discuss right now, but the fact is that we have a big challenge in our country. This president has threatened not to even accept the election results,” Pelosi said. “Our main goal is to protect the integrity of the electorate while protecting the people,” he said Coronavirus. “

Pelosi, who ordered half of the officers to hand out flags on Friday evening in honor of Jeans Zഗberg, urged people to vote to protect health care and the right to choose. With the country ending in 200,000 deaths during the COVID-19 epidemic, Ginsburg wants us to move forward to protect sick people.

“It’s important that everyone gets out of there and votes,” said Pelosi of D’Calif.

“Nothing is thrown away,” he said, adding that “the Constitution requires Congress to use every arrow in our arsenal.”

“We have a responsibility,” she said. “We swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

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