Democrats make request –

Democrats make request -

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WASHINGTON – The Republican is building a wall. Yesterday morning They rejected the suggestion of Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Together we call on Mike Pence to implement the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which allows the President to remove him if he can no longer perform his duties.. Conservative proposals have reaffirmed the clash between the two parties following the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill.

The speaker used very harsh words: “The complexity of the Republicans with Donald Trump is endangering America”. At this point the resolution will be changed to a vote, most likely today. Pence has not yet arrived. According to the American media, the second number in the White House will be tormented by suspicion. He wants to see Donald Trump’s next moves. Today the president will meet in Alamo, a town a few miles from McAllen on the Texas border. Little ‘everyone’s fear another “horror show”: accusations of “stolen” election and so on. All of this comes in the wake of great concern, with Joe Biden set to take office next January 20.

Another 10,000 troops from the National Guard arrive in Washington, D.C. Pelosi said he would wait 24 hours for Pence’s reply. However, in parallel, it has already begun the impeachment proceedings. If the vice president does not act, he will go to the polls tomorrow or Thursday. The text was signed by almost all Democratic deputies out of 222 out of 210. This is a short resolution of four pages. The allegation is contained in a single article: “Incitement to riot”. Here are the main steps. 21 January 2021 … President Trump addresses his political supporters. Here he repeated the false claims: “We won the election, we won the avalanche”. He also made statements promoting illegal action against Capital. At the behest of President Trump, a group of people illegally broke into the building, injuring members of the police and threatening members of Congress and the Vice President.

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The Impeachment Act examines Trump’s long-running delegation campaign. The newspapers mention other things Phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rafenzeperger. Unnecessary pressure to subvert the result in that situation: “Find me votes.” Very Strong Conclusion: With all this, President Trump has seriously affected the security of the United States, its institutions and the government. He threatened the integrity of the democratic system and interfered in the peaceful transition of power … so he betrayed his faith as president and the American people were harmed. The request for impeachment will pass, because a simple majority in the hands of the progressives will suffice.. But it is not yet clear how this will proceed. Democrats are debating whether to hand over Dosier to the Senate soon or wait a few months to give Biden time to start his government. A compromise was proposed by the president-elect yesterday: the senate can approve the appointments of their ministers in lieu of sessions of impeachment. In any case, it is up to the Upper House to decide whether to condemn Trump, remove him from the White House and prevent him from running for office in the future. However, a two-thirds quorum is required. Not now.

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