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Democrat Bernie Saunders and his infants hijacked on social networks

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This photo of Bernie Sanders during the inauguration of Joe Biden was hijacked by several internet users. – AFP

The image has something to match. Among all the guests who put in 31st to attend Inauguration of the new American President Wednesday is a simple, warm and green dress
Senator Bernie Sanders It will cause buzz on social networks. While most men wore well-cut winter coats, the former Democratic nominee wore a jacket and a green sleeve that was woven by one of his voters.

The photo, taken by AFP photographer Brendan Smylovsky, who was sitting, with his legs and arms crossed and his wrists fully visible, was soon captured by Internet users. Superimposing on other known snapshots.

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We also see the 79-year-old senator on the majestic Iron Throne in the hit series Power game Tom sat on a bench near Hanks Forrest Gump, In scenes Star Wars Or in a famous photo from the 1930s, sitting in a vacuum with the staff of a skyscraper under construction at lunch, ignoring the emptiness.


Bernie Sanders, a senator from the northeastern United States state of Vermont, particularly known for his ski resorts, thought his outfit was perfectly appropriate for the temperature, in a brief interview with CBS after the opening ceremony.

“You know, in Vermont, we know each other in cold weather. We have no problem being fashionable, we just want to be cool. That’s what I did today, “he joked. His wife, Jane O’Mira, supported him by tweeting: “Jacket jacket from Vermont, baby boots from Vermont, common sense from Vermont”.

Bernie Saunders is on the left of the Democratic Party. He is serious about his position, especially on environmental issues. According to fashion magazine, he is made of wool from old sweaters. PopularThe magazine writes about the anti-fashion style.

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