Delivery on the basis of the latest insane scam on the net, influencer, crypto

A great scam that brought together delivery, influencers and the world of crypto. Here’s how it happened

An actual scam based on the emerging delivery, cryptocurrencies, and influencers in the United Kingdom (screenshot)

Have you ever wanted to order individual meals from different restaurants and have them all delivered to your home in one order? Or should the coffee still be hot in 5 minutes? These were some of the promises of Crypto Eats, Introduced as a new startup – as the name implies – allows Pay in cryptocurrencies.

Or at least it was the launch promise. In fact, it’s a maxi trick, it’s pulled in the middle Some major influencers With massive marketing activities. There was also an original press release published by GlobeNewsWire. Revolution in the region.

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Cryptocurrency scam, a fake startup dedicated to cryptocurrency delivery

Trophy delivery
After a massive marketing campaign, the startup disappeared after keeping the EATS token money (screenshot).

It all started a few weeks ago. A whole week, in UK We did nothing but talk Crypto Eats. The new startup, which is dedicated to food delivery using alternative, revolutionary methods, should give users the opportunity to pay directly in cryptocurrencies. There has been a huge social influencer marketing campaign, in particular Tick ​​tock Along with short performance videos of some of the most famous faces on the platform seen as heroes. And then worn Theme T-shirts and hats, I don’t know what’s behind it.

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Sales of Token EATS, Created specifically for the platform, which led to equal profits $ 500,000 Only the first day. This is where the scam started. The developer of Crypto Eat has actually disappeared. You lose all signs On the Internet and on social networks. This also applies to those who are influential who have promised in previous weeks but remain without anything on hand.

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