Delhi Liquor Scam: Is Delhi Liquor Scam the Ruin of Cell Phones?

Delhi liquor scam : ఢిల్లీ లిక్కర్‌ స్కామ్‌ కేసు సెల్‌ ఫోన్ల ధ్వంసమేల?

How do you know Amit Arora?

Why was your name mentioned in the testimonial?

How did you meet Sarath Chandra Reddy?.. What is South Group?

Delhi CBI team questioned MLC Kavitha

40-50 questions.. Poem answering all four questions

Direction to provide Hyderabad-Delhi travel history

Seven and a half hour hearing.. Notice under CrPC 91

The CBI has told Kavita that they will investigate again

After investigation, Kavita to Pragati Bhavan.. Meeting with Chief Minister

Roads near her home were blocked with barricades

Hyderabad, December 11 (Andhra Jyoti): Chief Minister KCR’s daughter and MLC Kavita was interrogated at length by the Central Investigation Agency (CBI) in the Delhi liquor scam case. A six-member team led by CBI DIG Raghavendra Vatsa, who arrived from Delhi on Sunday morning, was the first to reach the CBI guesthouse. From there, they reached Kavitha’s house at Banjara Hills Road No-14 at exactly 10.50 in two vehicles. Kavitha was interrogated for seven and a half hours on the ground floor of the house from 11 am to 6.30 pm. According to the notice issued to Kavita under CrPC 160, the DIG who said that he was being investigated as a witness in this scam, first introduced himself. Then questions were raised in the presence of the lawyer. For 40-50 questions. Reportedly, most of the questions were answered with ‘don’t know’.

Present the evidence.

It is learned that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has submitted the remand report of Amit Arora to the CBI court in Delhi in connection with this case. It is learned that most of the CBI investigation revolved around that remand report. In the context of Kavita using more than 10 phones in this case.. Why did they use all the phones? Why were they destroyed after that? He requested the report. Do you know Amit Arora? Have you spoken to Dinesh Arora? How did Sarath Chandra Reddy and Maguntha Srinivasulu Reddy meet? A series of questions were asked. After that… Kavitha is known to have repeated the same questions showing evidence of who was spoken to on which day and at what time. It is reported that he spoke on phone with Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, Amit Arora and Vijay Nair and these phone calls were during the Delhi liquor scam.

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After that, it is known that Sarath Chandra Reddy got the license of most of the retail zones in Delhi. What was the reason for forming the South Group? What is the role of poetry in it? According to reliable sources, they were interrogated on the following matters. It is indicated that the questions were asked based on the evidence they had on the basis of the questionnaire prepared by them, some documents and the call list. Amit Arora Rs. It is learned that the CBI has questioned flights from Hyderabad to Delhi, especially chartered flights. In fact, when the CBI had to question Kavitha on 6th of this month, she wrote a letter saying that she had scheduled work that day and was ready for questioning on 11th, 12th, 14th and 15th. The CBI questioned them on Sunday.

Another notification under CrPC 91

After Kavita’s investigation, the authorities sent another notice. As per Section 91 of CrPC, they are directed to submit necessary evidence. “At the time of Delhi liquor scam..submit details (travel history) of travel from Hyderabad to Delhi. air travel..give details if using chartered flights,” it said. .There are opportunities to cross-examine Kavita once again by comparing the details provided by Kavita and the evidence they have collected. CBI officials said at the end of Sunday’s investigation, they will probe again if necessary.

Political heat..!

ED officials include MLC Kavitha’s name in Amit Arora’s remand report. CBI notice to her. Kavita also reacted strongly against the CBI notice. He said that he was not afraid of arrest. BRS chief and Chief Minister met KCR from 2nd to 5th of this month respectively. He asked the CBI to provide a copy of the FIR in this case if he wants to appear in the investigation. Legal experts were consulted.

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A poem to Pragati Bhavan immediately

Kavita went to Pragati Bhavan after the CBI completed the investigation. Minister Thalasani Srinivasaiah was also with her. CBI met the Chief Minister at Kavita Pragati Bhavan and informed him about the details of the investigation. Kavita had earlier said that he would issue a press note after the CBI investigation is over. After that, he informed the media that it would take some time.

Heavy security at Kavitha’s house

Hyderabad City/Banjara Hills, December 11 (Andhra Jyoti): Banjara Hills Police has made heavy security arrangements at Kavita’s house in the wake of the CBI investigation. As their fans gathered in large numbers, the police started taking action to prevent the CBI investigation from getting in the way. All three roads leading to Kavitha’s house were blocked with barricades after the activists and outsiders informed that the CBI was likely to be disturbed by their approach. Kavitha and BRS groups also repeatedly requested that no fans come. After the CBI investigation, BRS leaders and activists reached Kavitha’s residence.

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