Delete Account: How to Avoid WhatsApp Privacy Policy If You Do Not Like It, Learn the Details – Delete Your Account Step by Step If You Are Not Satisfied With The New Privacy Policy

Delete Account: How to Avoid WhatsApp Privacy Policy If You Do Not Like It, Learn the Details - Delete Your Account Step by Step If You Are Not Satisfied With The New Privacy Policy


  • Didn’t approve WhatsApp’s new policy?
  • If you want to maintain an account permanently, here are some tips

Navi Delhi WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messaging app as an important way to communicate in everyone’s life. Not to mention an important part of life .. But earlier this year, this most popular encrypted messaging service came under heavy criticism. The company has been embroiled in controversy over its new privacy policy.

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Since then, many users have been waiting for WhatsApp and other applications, such as Signal and Telegram. WhatsApp has extended the deadline for accepting privacy policy terms to May 15. It is now obsolete. The company said that if the user does not agree with the WhatsApp policy, the WhatsApp account will be deleted after the specified time, but the company will not delete the account. Users who do not approve of the new policy will therefore lose the privileges provided.

The company’s policy made it clear that people would have to adopt a new privacy policy. However, users can delete the account completely at any time. If you think WhatsApp is a wrong way to integrate and share your data with Facebook, you can delete that data for free. Today we are going to tell you some simple tips to delete WhatsApp account permanently.

Delete a WhatsApp account like this

Before deleting an account, you must first backup the required chats and information from WhatsApp. All you have to do is go to WhatsApp and chat. Then choose to save or export chats. Here you can save messages and media. If using iOS, you need to save it with chat info If using Android, You should save the 3 dots on the right from the menu.

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Once you have created a backup, you can let friends know that you are leaving this platform permanently. To do this, you can use the broadcast list instead of copying and pasting messages in most chats. After this, you can start the process of deleting the WhatsApp account.

If you use the iOS platform So, open WhatsApp and tap on Settings in the bottom right corner. Then tap on Account and select Delete Account button. If you are using an Android platform, you must first open WhatsApp and go to the top three dot menu.

Go back to Settings and to the Account, tap the Delete My Account button. On iOS or Android, both devices will prompt the user to input and verify the number. When the process is complete, tap on Red My Number Red and all your data will be erased.

When you tap the Delete My Account button, the WhatsApp account will be deleted along with all WhatsApp groups. After that, the history of all the messages in the application will disappear. One thing to keep in mind is that once you delete an account, you can create a new one. But old chats will be gone forever.

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