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Delays in vaccine delivery cause unrest between European Union and AstraZeneca

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Delays in vaccine delivery have sparked talks between the European Union and the pharmaceutical AstraZeneca.

This is already called the “vaccine war.” The European Union (EU) has reacted negatively to an interview with AstraZeneca’s executive president of the Italian daily La Repubblica.

Pascal Sorriet, a 61-year-old Frenchman, said the pharmaceutical company had no obligation to the European Union.

“Our agreement clearly states: ‘The best effort’, that is, ‘We will do our best’. We decided to use this formula in the agreement because the EU must have the same production capacity as the United Kingdom. But he signed the contract only after three months, ”he said.

European Health Commissioner Stella Kiriakides responded.

“We reject the logic of who comes first and takes it. It may work in a neighboring butcher shop, but not in contracts, ”Kyriakids explained, adding that there were no priority clauses in the contract.

The sorority called the allegation that he was giving special privileges to those who paid the most unjustly and said that all this was non-profit. He acknowledged the two-month delay, but said he was working to resolve production problems at the Belgium plant.

But the European Union argues that AstraZeneca could use UK factories as well.

Another pharmacist, Pfizer, also reported delays in sending vaccines from the United States to Europe.

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