Degree in psychology; What are the criteria for university admission? | Psychology | Ask Expert

Degree in psychology;  What are the criteria for university admission?  |  Psychology |  Ask Expert

Studying for Plus One Humanities. I want to study psychology for my degree. Is there a problem with not taking science at the higher secondary level ?. How are colleges and admissions in Kerala? What specializations are there in this area? –Anitha, Thiruvananthapuram

PsyB.Sc in College You do not have to have studied science at Plus Two level to enter the program. UG of Kerala University 2020 According to the prospectus, those who pass the Higher Secondary / Plus Two / equivalent examination will get B.Sc. You can apply for admission to the Psychology Program. Those who have studied in any stream can apply. However, when preparing the rank list for admission, weightage is given to those who have studied Psychology, Biology and Mathematics at Plus Two level.

Those who have studied Psychology at the Plus Two level will get 15% more marks in Psychology with their Plus Two marks. Those who have not studied Psychology, if they have studied Mathematics or Biology, will rank 10 per cent of the marks obtained in it (10 per cent of the higher marks if they have studied both) with the Higher Secondary mark. If all three of these are not studied then the total marks in Higher Secondary will be considered for ranking. There is no requirement to have studied Science Plus Two level for admission to this course in other universities.

Although science is not required at the Plus Two level for admission to the degree program in Psychology, some subjects in the field of science may be required as part of the course. B.Sc from Kerala University. For those taking psychology, a complementary subject would be statistics. The second complementary subject will be one of Zoology / Psychology / Physiology depending on the college.

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Understand the curriculum of these subjects and see if it can be studied. You can check the prospectus available in the admission portals of various universities to know the colleges with the course and the subjects to be studied as part of the course.

Some specialized areas of psychology: Clinical psychology, Applied psychology, Educational psychology, Industrial psychology, Social psychology, Abnormal psychology, Behavioral psychology, Organizational psychology, Forensic psychology, Counseling

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