Definition based on the rate of occurrence: Marseilles are concerned

Definition based on the rate of occurrence: Marseilles are concerned

Uncertainty – Health restrictions on Bouches-du-Ron may not be lifted on May 19 because the incidence is still very high. Of the 100,000 people tested, more than 400 were positive for Kovid-19.

While most of the Frenchmen who were ready to have a drink on the terrace on May 19 were in the starting blocks, the Marseilles feared this deadline. For good reason: the removal of health restrictions remains a condition in the evolution of the epidemic situation across the department. However, the incidence in Bouches-du-Ron is still very high (451 people per one million inhabitants are positive for Kovid-19).

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Challenges of disintegration

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This late return to the equality of normal life will be more than one disappointment. “If people make their personal and professional adjustments, but ultimately we tell them, in Marseille we have not defined, they will jump out the window”, Affect someone with white hair in the report at the top of this article. “Everyone is tired, we are all depressed”, A woman walks through the Old Port. “To revive this dead city, we want to deconstruct people. Otherwise, they will define themselves.” Says a local.

Despite this uncertainty a few weeks away from gradual severance, some remain somewhat optimistic: “I think we will be defined, but more restrained than the others.” Others argue that barrier measures need to be strengthened to initiate this exit that is expected from the crisis. “You need discipline, but no one here”, Sorry about that.

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Turbulent traders

Traders, some of whom have had their curtains down since the end of March, fear a severe financial collapse. “At 7:00 pm, no one is left, it will feel financial”, Chekhob Bounou, Baker. “We are reducing by 30% (turnover)” He adds that since the curfew was imposed in mid-December.

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In addition to Bouches-du-Ron, the other seven departments (Ois, Paris, Ezone, Sean-et-Marne, Sean-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, and Val-de-Ois) are more than 400, the government envisioned to prevent reopening. . The next few weeks will be crucial for the 12 million French people in these areas in their haste to regain their independence.

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