Debris from a troubled plane crashes into Denver

Debris from a troubled plane crashes into Denver

Fear of their lives! Passengers on United Airlines Flight UA328 will have an unexpected memory to tell about their planned trip to Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday, February 20th.

After taking off from Denver (Colorado) airport, the right engine of their plane suddenly caught fire. The plane, bound for Hawaii, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, was able to land safely in Denver, with no injuries or landing, officials said.

Boeing 777-220 aircraft carrying 241 people, including 10 crew members “Returned to Denver International Airport and landed safely after take-off due to right engine failure”The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) explained on Twitter.

In a recording received by the Liveatsi website, which broadcasts air traffic communications, the pilot hears a distress call and requests immediate permission to return to Denver. “We had a reactor failure and we have to look back. Mayday, Mayday “He said in a panicked voice, a phrase used to describe misery.

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“I can honestly say I thought I was going to die.”

Pictures taken from inside the plane and posted on social media show the plane’s right engine on fire. “I can honestly say I thought I was going to die, because we started losing height shortly after the explosion.”, A passenger named David Delusia testified to the newspaper Denver Post.

The incident caused a large amount of debris to fall on the way the plane turned for Denver. Part of a circular plane with a diameter equal to the front door was trapped in the middle of a garden in Broomfield, a suburb of Denver (Colorado).

A large part of the plane ended up in the middle of a garden in Broomfield, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

Kirby Clements, the owner of the garden where the large debris from the plane landed, told CNN about an experience. “Somewhat upset”. “It came straight down before it fell on the side of my truck.”He said another large debris had made a hole more than five feet in diameter in the roof of the neighborhood.

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FAA explained “Debris reportedly fell on the route taken by the plane”.

“If you find any debris, do not touch it and do not remove it. NTSB [l’autorité fédérale de la sécurité des transports] I want all the remains to survive for the purposes of the investigation. ”Broomfield police tweeted.

United Airlines said in a statement “Most of the customers who were on UA328 are now on another flight to Honolulu”It was clarified that passengers who did not want to travel were accommodated in the hotel immediately after the incident.

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