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Debenhams workers mark 150th day of dispute

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Debenhams workers’ rallies were held in Dublin and Limerick to celebrate the 150th day of their dismissal.

The ballot will be issued to the workers from Wednesday as a solution to the dispute between the workers and the company.

They demand to be told that it is a reasonable recurring solution from their employer.

Yesterday there was optimism that Mandate had reached an agreement with the trade union that it would give away at least a million dollars to make additional repayments to thousands of workers. Those who lost their jobs in the company’s 11 stores.

Ballot papers on whether to accept or reject the contract will be sent to workers from Wednesday.

Maria Murphy, who has worked at Debenhams on Henry Street for 20 years, said: “With thousands of staff, it works on your contract time and service, and it costs a hundred euros per person, which is an insult to the workers who have made a name for themselves in this country.

Eisling O’Gorman, who worked at the Debenhams store in Limerick, said: “I will be here as long as I have, yes, there is no way to vote.

“This is not enough for a ballot for a million dollars in 11 stores and more than 900 staff,” she added.

Debenhams workers said they were not involved in any possible resolution.

Speaking about the organizers of the rally in Dublin, Carmel Redmond said, “Negotiations would not take place without the shopkeepers who represent us and vote in the shop.”

Liquidators KPMG said in a statement that although significant progress had been made in negotiations with the mandate, no compromise had yet been reached.

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Many problems still need to be solved. KPMG added.

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