Dear Toulos, Many Outsiders, The Battle for Maintenance … Barometer Before Recovery

Dear Toulos, Many Outsiders, The Battle for Maintenance ... Barometer Before Recovery

The French rugby team will return to the field on Saturday, September 4 and Sunday, September 5 with the first day of the top 14. Related clubs set out to pursue the reigning champion Toulouse with different aspirations and perspectives.

Favorite: Stade Toulouse for own candidate

But who can stop redheads and blacks? Once again this year, Stade Toulouse appears to be the big favorite in conquering the 22nd Brenas. The men of Ugo Mola, who marked an unprecedented double (champion of France and Europe) at the end of two campaigns, continue the perfect season, where they smashed everything in their path.

Abundant and talented workforce (Antoine DuPont, Romain Entomac, Mathews Label, Joe Tekori), well established over many seasons, as their game progresses, Taplos must digest some departures. Yoann Huget and Jérôme Kaino retired early. Cheslin Kolbe, after all, left to join Toulon, much to everyone’s surprise. His 31 experiments registered in all competitions and his devastating acceleration contributed immensely to Toulouse’s rise.

Outsiders: La Rochelle, Racing, UBB, Clermont Hungry

This is the success of the recent Top 14 seasons. After finishing first at the end of the regular season in 2017, Stade Rochelleys gained strength and continued to rise in stature. Last season the club advanced to the top 14, the Champions Cup final, each time falling slightly against Toulouse Armada. At the end of the season (Covin Gordon, Romain Sassy, ​​Victor Vito), after the departure of Jono Gibbs, many of the leaders in charge of Ronan Ogara seem to be flowing into the “now or never” maritime side. They can count on the return of their audience, who are always ready to fill Marcel-Deflandre.

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The joy of racing 92 trophies is waiting to be rediscovered. After losing their last national title five years ago, they lost one title, leaving the inhabitants of the Ile-de-France in despair, especially in the European arena, losing three finals in 2016, 2018 and 2020. However, in recent years, the club has worked and invested to reach the highest level and build an image of the champion (signatures of players such as Dan Carter or Gol Fico, delivery to La Defense Arena in 2017 …). This season, a staff member has been hired, but R, who is experiencing the return of Simon Sebo from Ireland, will try to do the lead roles again.

On the Bordeaux side, the men of Christoph Eurios will finally try to confirm. The leader was unhappy that the national and European semi-finalists were disrupted in March 2020 last spring, and Bordeaux chose a place to choose between the reference teams, but could not make it to the finals. A workforce strengthened by experienced players (especially the arrival of Franോois Trin-Duck) may have been lost to the Marines and whites in the area, and the club seems to have the right assets to make its progress.

In Clermont, this is the beginning of a new era. Seven years later, Frank Azima resigned as sports manager, replacing Jono Gibbs. A little agitation and fresh air for Clermontoys, who finds another framework for playing with a self-proclaimed man in La Rochelle. They can take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the label of permanent losers clinging to their skin (only two wins in seven finals in every match under Frank Asma).

The Struggle for Maintenance: Bereitz, Perpignan, Brive, Po

Promoted Perpignan and Bearits are definitely getting ready for a complicated season. Both clubs impressed in ProD2 last season, finishing 1st and 3rd respectively with 90 points on the clock. But the level gap with the elites is often too large to close. The Catalan descent, which has experienced two descents and two ascents since 2014, is a reality. On the Bearits side, the off-season was animated on an extra-sport level, leading to rumors that the dam’s overflowing health controversy to Aguilera would relocate to Lille.

Brew and Go should experience a busy 2021-2022 episode. Last season, Barnaise completed the same points as Bayonne, only to make a better difference to their defense. The Koreans were under pressure until the final days after completing four consecutive defeats. To prepare, Brive increased friendly matches (especially against Stade Frances and Racing), and continued to study the Palois at the behest of Sebastian Piqueuronis, who arrived to save the club last spring. His mission will be similar in this new season.

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