Dear “A, B”: What is the use of logic in the face of patriarchy?

Dear "A, B": What is the use of logic in the face of patriarchy?

Hello A, No. I’ve been dealing with feminism a lot lately, yet I do not understand why most men can not tame their sexual performance. It is mainly the male sexuality that needs to be commented on or viewed with arrogance and harshness when considering certain parts of the female body. The other day, while waiting in line at the supermarket, a girl passed by and I noticed that almost all male eyes, regardless of age, turned to her, which disturbed even me. Or I have heard many times from men that a girl can not resist never being seen. So what is the use of reason? While the majority are enthusiastic and unable to control their emotions, why does society regard them as more capable workers and employers?

This is not a manifestation of sexuality. It is an exercise of power, thereby confirming and maintaining the hierarchy. The look, the gestures, the words all say “I remind you of your position. We will never be equal. I am a human being, you are an object”. It is good to apply the power given to you from your birth. In addition to being good, you also see it as trivial.

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