Deadly, lethal, omicron-like epidemic! New variant warning from Scientific Committee member

Deadly, lethal, omicron-like epidemic!  New variant warning from Scientific Committee member

Science Committee Member Prof. Dr. Pointing out that there are new announcements in the European Union, especially in France, Şener warns against the ‘deltamicron’ variant: it is as deadly as Delta and contagious as Omicron.

Prof. Ismir Katip is a Lecturer and Scientific Committee Member, Department of Infectious Diseases, Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, Celebi University. Dr. Recalling that the number of cases per day in Turkey has decreased, Alper Sener said that the world in general is not lucky.

Pointing out that there is a rise again in Asia Pacific, Prof. Dr. പുതിയener said that there were new announcements in the European Union, especially in France, and continued as follows:

“This is an idea similar to the merger of Omicron with Delta. In some countries of the European Union, especially France, we have received notifications on this issue. Although new variants and mixed variants are on the agenda around the world, our citizens should do so. Although it is not already on the agenda, the number of inpatients is declining, the number of inpatients is declining.

Prof. Dr. Alper Zener

‘Kill as delta, contagious as omiciron’

Explaining that the World Health Organization continues to work on whether the combination of Delta and Omicron is a new variant, Prof. Dr. Zener said:

“The World Health Organization is monitoring the situation. Because the thing we’re most afraid of in the last 1 year; It was as deadly as Delta, and as contagious as Omicron. Although omega-3s are mild, they increase the burden on patients in health care facilities as the number of patients increases. Delta, on the other hand, is more lethal than Delta Plus. That’s what scared me. Some cases are reported from France.

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The best variants start quietly, but …

They reported that there was a variant that included Delta and Omiciron. New variants start quietly, but I think they can come in Turkey as well. The World Health Organization has observed these variants or different combinations. If there is an increase or clustering in the number of cases considered; There may be a new variant called ‘Deltamicron’ or a more complex variant of Delta and Omicron. Viruses combine with each other. BA.2 The Omicron subtype is prevalent in EU countries. This is due to partial fluctuations in the number of cases, especially in the Netherlands and Germany. Our country, currently subdivided into the BA.2 Omicron variant, is not named. But we still need to evaluate this rest period by keeping it on the vaccination agenda and warning about the third dose. It should not become a state of rest on the pitch. ”


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