Dayan’s brother, who was killed in a truck crash, was not alone: ​​the dynamics of the accident

Dayan's brother, who was killed in a truck crash, was not alone: ​​the dynamics of the accident

According to the stories of Dayine Mello, on time Brother Lucas He was not alone. On Tuesday night, February 2, there was a girl in the car that crashed into the truck, most likely his girlfriend. “He was taking her to our house. Maybe they should have slept together. It’s 11pm. She’s alive, he’s dead. I do not know how she is because I did not ask. I know she’s alive.”, The Brazilian model who understood the bad news reported to the home contestants. Diane explains that she did not know Lucas was engaged until the moment she entered the GAVP house, but she imagines that her brother has a beautiful love story.

The dynamics of Lucas’ dead accident

Dangerous pictures tell of a violent crash and a completely wrecked car off the road. According to a reconstruction reported by a local newspaper ND Mays, Fatal accident Lucas Inesio Corre de Mello, Dayan’s brother, happened Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 10:25 p.m. Lucas was on the Brazilian Federal Highway BR-470, which starts in southern Santa Catarina, Brazil and crosses the Guchcho border. The 26-year-old was in his small car. Authorities lost control of the vehicle for reasons not yet clear. The truck used to transport the goods crashed.

The story of The Truck Driver

According to the first reconstruction of the Brazilian Traffic Police, Lucas’ car crossed into the opposite lane and crashed into a truck, causing it to lose its wheels due to the impact, thus blocking the road and obstructing traffic. It only resumed at 2 a.m. Wednesday. The driver of the 55-year-old truck, who tested negative on the alcohol test, was unharmed. He told police he saw Lucas’ car following a straight line without sudden turns. Although the cause of the accident has not yet been determined, authorities say it is an attempt to avoid it.

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