Dawson: “Milan Boxing Night” is back

Dawson: "Milan Boxing Night" is back

On Friday, October 1 at the Allianz Cloud in Milan (formerly Palalydo) the Great Boxing Championships begin at 6.45pm. The Lombard capital will once again host a boxing event as a result of a multi-year joint venture between matchroom boxing Italy and OPI 82 to DAZN.

7 matches will be scheduled, the most interesting emerging athletes in the field of Italian boxing. The main card, which starts at approximately 22:00, gets 3 international titles.

After a convincing technical knockout victory in the eighth round against Spanish Caesar Nunes, Daniel Scardina (19-0, 15-01) will face German JÓ┤Śrgen Doberstein (26-4, 7 KOs) in the Allianz Cloud on February 26. Intercontinental Super Middleweight title, ten rounds away.

In addition, undefeated Italian welterweight champion Nicolas Esposito (14-05 5 KOs) advanced to the semifinals against Emmanuel Kavalucci (12-3-1). Still in the WBO intercontinental position, but in the lightweight division, former European champion Francesco Pattera (23-38 KOs) will challenge Davis Bossiero (48-6-2 22 KOs). Talented superweight superweight Samuel Enmoma will face former Irish champion Craig O’Brien within 8 shots. Heavyweight Vincenzo La Femina (9-0) with more than 8 rounds of experience over experienced Alexander Yegorov (20-6-1), British champion Sandy Ryan (1-0) and Albanian Reshat Mathi (10)) -0).

For the event, DAZN unveiled a large international production, 8 cameras aimed at the ring. The evening will broadcast live and on-demand mode in more than 200 regions. Connection starting at 6.45pm with more than four hours of live coverage covering every moment of the event. The evening was presented by Maria Pia Beltran, a journalist from DAZN, who was born in Argentina and has many years of experience in the field of international sports communication, as well as the foreign correspondent of Bean Sports Miami and Radio 24 for Sochi 2013 and Rio 24 at the 2016 Olympics.

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The couple formed by Giacomo Brunelli and former WBU world champion and European welterweight champion Alessandro Duran were replaced by commentators. Between one challenge and another, there is room for Nicola Sechi’s ringside interviews.

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