Dawson and McCullough apologize after RTE players violate Kovid-19 rules.

Dawson and McCullough apologize after RTE players violate Kovid-19 rules.

Taoich Michael Martin said it was “disappointing” to see some of RTE’s top players violating social distance guidelines after being revealed by the Irish Sun after attending a staff departing from Montros.

Last night, news anchors Brian Dobson and David McCullough made an on-air apology.


David McCullough and Miriam O’Callaghan also posed for the photo
Brian Dobson poses with Phil Collins


Brian Dobson poses with Phil Collins
Taoist Michael Martin speaks to Virgin Media News


Taoist Michael Martin speaks to Virgin Media News
RTE presenter David McCullough apologized


RTE presenter David McCullough apologized

The Irish Sun specifically mentioned yesterday how many of Montrose’s most well-known players, including Miriam O’Callaghan and Blatonaid Ni Chofeig.

Photos of some prominent presenters and newsstands posing with retired colleague Phil Collins at an event on November 12 – as the country was under Level 5 lockdown controls – were unveiled yesterday. Gabriel Scully labeled it “shocking.”

Broadcasters “need to lead by example” with public health measures around Kovid-19, which means that all community gatherings are out of bounds, Tavosich said.

Speaking to Virgin Media News, Mr. Martin He said: “I think it’s a general reminder to people to avoid such behavior, as it can create the kind of atmosphere that everyone wants to emulate.

“I do not condone behavior. I think this is very frustrating, especially in the broader sense of public life that I need to lead by example. ”

Sorry everyone

Dobson, who started the lunch news yesterday, gave Mia a whimper while explaining the momentary discretion.

He said: “I apologize to everyone who sacrificed so much in the coming months and lost loved ones, those who lived with the consequences of the infection, those who lost their jobs, their livelihoods or their businesses. Isolated from family and friends.

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“We have strongly discussed the Kovid-19 measures in this program, but what is undisputed is that we should each make every effort to comply with the regulations.

“I’m very worried if any of my actions undermine life-saving public health advice.”

Error of judgment

Meanwhile, Six One presenter David McCullough said he had “made a mistake in judgment” and regretted it.

Addressing the nation in the evening news, he said: “Unfortunately last week I was one of the people who failed to accurately monitor social distance on RTE.

“It simply came to our notice then. I take full responsibility for that. Our audience, I apologize unconditionally to you. ”

He added: “None of us can leave our bodyguards alone for a moment. I’m sorry I failed to do the right thing at this point. ”

Elaine Dunne apologized in the Nine News Bulletin yesterday evening.

She said: “Shake hands. As you can see, I’m also saying goodbye to Google, and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my judgment, especially to my RTE colleagues who have worked so hard to keep this campus Kovid-free for the past eight years. I let you all down. ”

Terrible laps

Public Health Specialist Dr. Gabriel Scully Montrose exploded the stars above the photos, showing them without masks and in close contact for a short time.

When Ireland overcame 2,000 deaths from Covid-19, Drs. Scully told RTE’s Claire Byron: “It’s right, it’s irresponsible, it’s a terrible fall, not just for one or two people, but a lot of people. . . I realize that not being careful can be momentary. . . I think this is amazing.

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“They are standing on the mat, which tells them to keep a distance of two meters – there they are with their hands on each other’s shoulders.”

The National Journalists’ Union last night called for an urgent review of what it described as “serious violations” of the Kovid-19 guidelines on the national broadcaster.

Setting the agenda

  • 7.05: The Morning Ireland Review highlights the Irish Sun’s front page story about what happened in Montrose.
  • 7.10: CMO Dr. Morning Ireland host Mary Wilson says our pictures are a perfect example of how people don’t pay attention to Tony Holohan’s advice.
  • 10.15: RTE’s Today with Claire Byron, a public health expert; Gabriel presents an interview with Scholy, who calls the photos “amazing.”
  • 1 p.m .: Brian Dobson’s News at One program begins with his sincere apology.
  • 1.45: The callers to Liveline’s Joe Duffy were disappointed in the pictures.
  • 2pm: NUJ issued a statement calling for an immediate review of the event.
  • 5.30: In an interview with RTE’s rival Virgin Media One, Taoist Michael Martin expressed frustration.
  • 6.01: David McCullough apologizes while hosting Six One News.
  • 9pm: Eileen Dunn begins nine news stories by apologizing for posing for a picture when Bash leaves.

NUJ Secretary Seamus Dooley said: “As a trade union representing building workers, we believe that the Kovid Committee should examine all aspects of this union and take steps to prevent such violations from recurring.

RTE workers have been working hard since March and helping the public with their work.

“I was contacted by several members who believe this event has the potential to undermine hard-working faith and confidence.”

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The callers went to the station’s airwaves on the liveline to blow up the presenters for failing to follow the two-meter distance guidelines.

A caller Mary told host Joe Duffy: “I feel humiliated and angry. These RTE presenters question their guests – right – that’s their job.

“They are investigative journalists and they are good at what they do. Here they fly in front of everyone they represent. ”

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of South County Dublin, Councilor David McManus, called for strong action against RTE employees.

He said: “All they can give is an apology, but only words. RTE is a state broadcaster receiving $ 189 million in state funding. Where is their Director General De Forbes? ”

In response to our story, RTE said, “We take public health advice” with the utmost seriousness “:” RTE and its affiliates apologize. ”

Google launches RTE News chiefs Hillary McGoran and John Williams


Google launches RTE News with Hillary McGoran and John Williams
Brian Dobson apologized at News at One


Brian Dobson apologized at News at One
Joe Duffy said the images ‘sent the shock wave here’


Joe Duffy said the images ‘sent the shock wave here’

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