Dawn returns to line as French Vicar of Dibli, overcoming Black Lives Matters plot

Dawn returns to line as French Vicar of Dibli, overcoming Black Lives Matters plot

Don French, 63, dismissed critics who attacked the inclusion of Black Lives Matter plot in an upcoming special episode of Vicar of Dibli.

Don, who plays Reverend Geraldine Kennedy on the all – time popular show, dismissed the criticism: “A beautiful quiet day, full of humanity and support.”

Actor Lawrence Fox was outraged when the Cornwall-based actor described it as “a paradox”: “A speech from the high altar of a morally dominant church, the BBC.”

“This virtuous false enlightenment allows them to ignore the charter for teaching the unwashed. Do your job! #DefundTheBBC.”

Dawn returns to the line of French Vicar of Dibli, overcoming the Black Lives Matters plot; See you in September

The first of three mini-episodes set in the fictional village of Dibli in Oxfordshire aired on the BBC last night.

After repeating a classic episode, each broadcast will feature one of the remaining two minutes of two shows, the BLM protest following the death of George Floyd at the hands of American police earlier this year.

Don French
Don, who plays Reverend Geraldine Kennedy on the all-time popular show, dismissed criticism in a tweet

Viewers will see Don’s character take fresh air out of the lockdown before taking his knees while addressing “This Black Lives Metal Matter”.

She says: “I do not think it’s important to know where you are from .I think it’s important that you do something about it, because Jesus does.

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The character continues: “We make a lot of mistakes until all lives are equally important.

“We need to focus on justice for a large part of what seems to be a very bad and strange deal for our countrymen and women from the day they were born.”

Don French in Vicar of Dublin
In an upcoming special mini episode, viewers will see French character taking fresh air from the lockdown before kneeling while addressing “This Black Lives Metal Matter”.

Don appears to be on his knees, Reverend Geraldine Kennedy

Two old posters are removed and replaced with a homemade Black Lives Matter poster.

The character says: “I think we should probably think about getting rid of old notices like this in DB and maybe we should set up one like this.”

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