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Davos Award winner Sebastiano Salgado defends “peace with the environment” – 01/24/2021

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Brazilian photographer Sebastiano Salgado used the opening of the World Economic Forum on Sunday to call for solidarity with world leaders, pointing out that the pandemic should serve as a lesson in how the international community should live.

The event, which traditionally takes place in Davos in January, is being held via video conference this year.

Salgado was given the Forum Award for his art, as well as for his good role in society. As for the organizers, his photos “caused a debate about the human condition”.

Asked what his message to leaders would be, he congratulated them on the need for transformation. “The most important thing for human society around the world is solidarity,” he said. “The values ​​of our society are not intellectual or material, but they are essential values ​​such as community, solidarity and love,” he said. “These are the values ​​our mother teaches us. Mother does not teach selfishness,” he said.

His message still spread due to environmental concerns. “We can all live on a protected planet. We can live in peace with the environment,” he said.

Pointing to the greatest virtue of “humility”, Salgado isted on the need to keep hope alive, believing that the current crisis will be a way to ensure that humanity can “live better”.

Biden representative for presenting environmental aspirations

The organizers placed the environment at the center of this year’s event. President Jair Bolsonaro Invited to attend. But he again chose not to respond to the invitation. In its place, the Brazilian delegation will stand with Vice President Hamilton Marawi, who will be responsible for talking about the Amazon.

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He was accompanied by Chancellor Ernesto Arajo and the Minister of Finance. Polo Guess.

In his inaugural address, Claus Schwab, the founder of the forum, pointed out that 2021 would be fundamental. For him, the world is coming out of a health crisis. But reconstruction needs to be more sustainable. Among the priorities of the “Davos Virtual” discussion will be the commitment of governments and companies to reduce CO2 emissions.

In the absence of Bolzoni, the event will have the first participation of Government Ambassador John Kerry. Joe Biden Climate issues and signs of profound change in the United States’ environmental agenda. He should use the event to announce Biden’s ambitions on the climate agenda and to make it clear that he will put international pressure on it.

Organizers said Alberto Fernandes, an Argentine, will present plans for his country and the presidents of Colombia and Costa Rica will also attend the event.

In 2019, despite having a session on the main stage of the event in Davos, Bolsonaro caught the attention with a speech of just six minutes.

This year’s virtual meeting will feature UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, one of the voices warning of the lack of cooperation that exists in the world today. World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Zebrias will also attend.

The Asian presence will strongly mark the agenda. For the first time in 2021, Asia will overtake the West and account for 50% of world GDP. It is no coincidence that the list of participants includes Chinese President Xin Jinping, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and leaders from Japan and South Korea.

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Europe will be represented by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French Emmanuel Macron, Italian Giuseppe Conte, European Commission President Ursula von Der Lane and Pedro Sanchez from Spain. Among the Africans, the presidents of South Africa, Ghana and Rwanda confirmed.

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