David Willetts Appointed as Digital Director by Betting and Gaming Council

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) announced the appointment of a new Director of Communications and Digital. David Willetts, who was appointed to this position, is set to start working for the council at the beginning of 2022. Willetts is ready to step into this new role with the assistance of Michael Denoual, the deputy Director of Communications and Digital. Willetts takes over this position from Kevin Schofield. Schofield is moving on to become the political editor of the HuffPost UK.

The Chief Executive of the Betting and Gaming Council, Michael Dugher, had the following to say: “The BGC is the standards body committed to driving big changes across the regulated betting and gaming industry. David Willetts is a brilliantly experienced and respected former journalist and communications professional with an outstanding reputation in the media and in government.”

Dugher further noted: “David will be a formidable asset for the BGC. He also joins a strong team which includes the superbly talented Michael Denoual.”

Willets Brings Decades of Experience to New Position

Willetts commented on his upcoming position as Director of Communications and Digital at the BGC: “I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the Betting and Gaming Council and can’t wait to get started. They’ve already made big strides increasing standards across the industry and I’m looking forward to working with the excellent team to drive that work on.”

Willets worked for The Sun newspaper for over 10 years. He more recently held the position as press secretary to Ben Wallace, a conservative cabinet minister. He is also the head of ministerial communications for the Ministry of Defence.   Willetts brings with him extensive experience from his years working in the media and his time working in the government. His excellent reputation follows him to his new position as Director of Communications and Digital at the BGC.

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The position of Director of Communications and Digital coordinates the BGC’s public relations and press. In addition to this, Willetts will also work towards the council’s aim and goal of both communicating information and ‘building consumer and public trust in the betting and gaming industry.’

The Importance of Responsible Gambling in the Industry

As the standards body dedicated to creating huge waves across the online gaming scene, BGC devotes its endeavours to regulation and responsible gambling. This not only ensures operators’ reputability but safeguards players from companies that are tempting them by providing no deposit free spins and other bonuses and giveaways which could potentially be culprits of addictive behaviour.

As the standards body for the gaming world, the Betting and Gaming Council sets high industry standards and only accepts those gaming companies that fully comply with its guidelines. The BGC helps to build trust in the betting and gaming industry since it is there to protect consumers.

Since there are those consumers who struggle with gambling addiction, the BGC makes it clear that gambling is not for everyone in the general public. Its more recent advertising campaign includes the slogan ‘Take time to think.’ The slogan is used in a series of TV advertisements to ensure the message reaches a wide sector of the population. Previously the BGCs long-standing slogan was ‘When the fun stops. Stop.’

Willetts begins his new role as the UK government is reviewing the 2005 Gambling Act. There is going to be greater focus on public relations as the betting and gaming industry waits to hear what changes the government’s review will bring. There are likely to be stricter restrictions regarding where gambling advertising may appear along with potential changes in other areas of the act.

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The BGC needs to ensure that they have continued public support for the betting and gaming industry. The council regularly notes that there is a huge financial component to pay attention to since the industry makes large contributions to the economy. With stricter restrictions the financial contribution to the British economy could be reduced. It should also be noted that the industry provides employment and supports many sports events.

About the Betting and Gaming Council UK

The Betting and Gaming Council regulates all areas of legal betting and gambling. This includes casinos, online casinos, betting shops, bingo and the National Lottery. Members include both big and small players  in the industry. The BGC strives to ensure high ethics amongst its members and strives to create a healthier and safer betting industry for all consumers.

There are a number of initiatives offered including a youth education programme, a player protection toolkit, and self-exclusion amongst others. Players who feel they are showing signs of gambling problems or possible gambling addiction can make use of the self-exclusion option. As the Chief Executive explains, there is always more work to do because even “one problem gambler is one too many.”

Michael Dugher, the CEO, notes: “Our number one priority is to raise standards and drive big changes across the UK betting and gaming industry.”

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