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David Fincher’s new movie “Monk” on Netflix: “Citizen Kane” – Culture

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Gary Oldman
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Gary Oldman “Monkey” screenwriter Herman J. Monkeywiches and Amanda Seyfried actress Marion Davis

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David Fincher screenwriter Herman J. Schmidt talks about old Hollywood emotions and gossip. Tells the example of Manquichis.

Culture: Bird Hasis (H)

Stuttgart – Always a punch line on the lips, so is German-born screenwriter Hermann L. Mankiwich, also known as Monk in Hollywood in the early 1930s – is a very interesting British actor Gary Oldman in this role as Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour” (2017). Monk is considered inadequate, so it is very successful. In 1940, when young Orson Welles hired him to write Citizen Kane’s screenplay, he was in trouble – Monk gets drunk, smokes, plays with a lot of passion, and falls into a deep rift and becomes the heart of the screenplay.

Director David Fincher tells the story behind the epic film and its author: The Old Dream Factory and the conspiracies that had political repercussions in the post-1929 financial crisis. When the socially critical novelist Upton Sinclair ran for the Democrats in the 1934 California governor’s election, the mayor and powerful newspaper publisher William Randolph Heirst launched a campaign and insulted Sinclair as a socialist.

Fincher made one such film

Of course, David Fincher is portrayed in black and white. In “Citizen Kane” he uses all the visual means that revolutionized the visual language of the Arsenal Welles film – he loves to do it anyway. Fincher’s films are in-depth, and in flashbacks he told “Benjamin Button” (2008), “Let the camera flow in” Fight Club “(1999) and he likes to look down on the serial killers in his” Mind Hunter “(2017) series. ), And he likes to play with light and shadow, as in “The Game” (1997).

With “The Social Network” (2010), Fincher made a film in which a man turns into a Mughal and descends into a man: Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg describes himself as an ideal person who wants to connect people, and at the same time takes control, but data for your own enrichment . Charles Foster “Citizen” Kane is exactly such a man: a newspaper Mughal who corrupts his principles and thus becomes extremely rich and very lonely.

Gary Oldman is even funny in bed

The character was modeled by William Randolph Hearst (Charles Dance). Monkwiches met in “Monk” in a movie by her boyfriend actress Marion Davis. Amanda Seyfried (“Mum Mia!”) Is allowed to show that there are profound personalities in the beautiful beauties with patrons. Monk and Marion reunite, soon inviting the author to Hearst Castle, where he shines with his bonemot – until Hairst and Marion address themselves in “Citizen Kane” until it breaks down, and they are Kane-beloved Susan Alexander.

After a car accident in the 1940s, Monk is housed with Secretary Rita Alexander (Lily Collins) and a German nurse (Monica Gosman) to write on a farm in the Mojave Desert – far away from alcohol. Fincher presents the creative process as a mixture of drama and comedy, and reveals an amazing sense of humor even when Oldman is in bed.

Amazing statistics from old Hollywood

Flashbacks have a lot of cinematic art and history. On the film set, MGM boss Louis B. The mayor (Arlis Howard) and then-producer Prodigy Irving Talberg (Ferdinand Kingsley) shine under the canopy like little bosses. As Mank tries to get his brother Joe into the MGM, the mayor delivers a stunning lecture on the film business, with the two running after him down a long corridor and the camera moving in front of them.

A 1930 series shows Monk at Paramount as head of the script department, a former journalist who attracted former Cosmopolitan colleagues from New York as writers. They exchange verbal balls with each other and studio boss David O. Selsnick arrives in 1927 with German director Joseph von Sterberg, and Selsnick only calls himself “Joe”. Monk’s thoughts on the planned “Wizard of Oz” are delicious, for which the original Monk wrote the introductory Kansas Sequence anonymously – Marx Brothers did not have to appear here to create entertainment.

One can be sad

Fincher transforms Hollywood into a hyper-real, deep and sharp backdrop, and the decoration of an election party tickles the imagination and makes it look more colorful in black and white than in color. Sunbeams penetrate the vegetation with nigo ly, enhancing the active jazz landscape. One can be saddened by today’s crises, the financial crises of cinemas and the creative crises of studios.

When Welles’ aide complains about the many leaps in the script, Monk says the story is “not a straight line, but a circle like a cinnamon roll.” The rest is history.

Now on Netflix

Info: Myths “Citizen Kane”

In 1941, “Citizen Kane” failed because Welles kept an extraordinary distance from the protagonist and the narrative and visual language deceived the audience. Welles was the first person to radically decompose linear form over time. At the same time, the images were perfectly written and unprecedentedly sharp. The film was rediscovered in the mid-1950s and is now considered a masterpiece.

Arsenal Welles was only 24 years old when he was drawn to Hollywood with Carte Blanche. He modified Monkeywich’s script, and it’s still not clear who owns what. The extent to which cameraman Greg Tolland has contributed to revolutionary films is also controversial. The first failure was caused by a campaign by William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper publisher who tried to identify himself with the newspaper and block it altogether.

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