Dark matter: bubble of dark matter may be close to Earth, astronomers | Science

Dark matter: bubble of dark matter may be close to Earth, astronomers |  Science

Astronomers observe the motion of the sky

According to Live Science, a “bubble” of dark matter may be hidden under our noses. According to astronomers at the University of Arizona and Harvard University, a group of stars in the Great Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf galaxy very close to our Milky Way but about 200,000 light-years away, are suspected of being pulled by matter. Terra

A Dark matter
That’s what experts understand most of the universe is for. Dark matter is the subject of the best specialists in physics and astronomy looking for incredible distances from space. However, basically no concrete has been found to date.

Scholars have suggested in one study that it has the regular rhythm of a group of stars Best Magellanic Cloud
It comes from the possibility of a “bubble” of dark matter pulling him.

When it comes to dark matter, scientists are of the same opinion as most people. No evidence of fact has been obtained, but the presence has been observed in the actions and movements of others Celestial objects
. Consensus, which is close to 85% of the universe, stabilizes and holds objects of different sizes in fixed positions and cycles.

If the study of two universities proves, the community Astronomy
This will pave the way for newer and deeper observations to understand the dark matter of Nigo.

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