#DARETOCARE, Dare to Listen – Città Nuova

#DARETOCARE, Dare to Listen - Città Nuova
The 25th edition of United World Week (1-9 May 2021) is an international event that promotes young people to focus and broadcast. Streaming from a multilingual platform. At the heart of this edition is the “culture of care” that embodied the slogan #DARETOCARE, the program.

Don’t forget the nine days and don’t miss the #DARETOCARE look. Opportunity to participate, deepen and adhere to a real worldview that seeks to embrace treatment as a new political model. The other clings to my heart, I care, and his care becomes part of a new personal, social, and environmental culture.

Adherence to the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the Implementation of Global Strategies for the Acceptance of Immigrants as a Universal Common Good. Then legitimacy, civil economy and integral ecology will be at the center 25th edition of United World Week (1-9 May 2021), An international event promoting young people in focal and broadcasting Streaming from a multilingual platform.

The international center event will be held in Brussels (Belgium), May 7-9, European Parliament President David Sassoli will address the International Convention.

Think of it as a political activity and a response to environmental challenges

At the heart of this edition is the “care culture”, Expressed the slogan #DARETOCARE, (dare to pay attention). It is an awareness and action campaign in which young people recognize the ability and courage to adopt Care as a political model that is understood as a service to each individual and social sector, The way to build a better future.

The first phase of the campaign had an orienting goal It “pays attention” as a citizen and as a political activity.; The second will begin at United World Week 2021,The conservation of the planet and the challenges of the integral environment.

This year’s events:

May 2 Political Movement for Unity, On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his birth, proposes an online event launching “Appeal for a New Level of Politics”.

An international convention streaming from Brussels from May 7 to 9 (Belgium), as in an online agora, citizens and politicians can think, discuss and work together.

The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, will speakOr, a hero who comes face to face with some young people on issues of peace, politics, welcoming immigrants, and ecology.

They will be participating in United World Week events: Economists Jeffrey Sachs, Sir Partha Dasgupta and Luigino Bruni; Simon Borg, Lecturer in Environment and Resource Law, University of Malta; Loan gold, Professor of Environment, Sustainability and Social Justice at the National University of Ireland Maine (Ireland); Catherine Belsung, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Tour (France); Pascual Ferrara, Ambassador and Diplomat; Giuseppe Gotti National Mafia, Anti-Terrorism Directorate Magistrate; Margaret Karam, Jesus Moron, President and Co-President of the Folklore Movement; Don Luigi Siotti, founder of Libera.

United World Week is an international event that has been promoting young people in Focolor since 1996, including youth, adults, institutions and associations, to raise awareness of world public opinion on issues of peace and fraternity, and to promote concrete activities and commitments.

Contact information: Tamara Pastorelli – (+39) 347 0064403

Focaleer Communications Office – Stefania Tanesini – (+39) 338 5658244


May 1

3.00pm: “Primo Magio di Lopiano” show, live from Focalaire Citadel, a definite meeting for thousands of young people not only from all over Italy but around the world.

9.00 pm: Concert of International Band General Verde.

May 2

From 11.00 to 12.00 in each time zone there will be an effective “Run 4 Unity”, a non-stop sports relay with games, challenges, testimonials and commitments, symbolically a rainbow of unity and peace.

2.00 pm: The Political Movement for Unity proposes an online event to mark the 25th anniversary of its birth, launching an “Appeal for a New Level of Politics”.

May 4

5.00pm: “Women’s Sports Stories” with Lucia Castelli, Madelina Musumasi, Donna Need and Patricia Furtado, organized by the Sportmeat Association;

May 5

4.00 pm: “The Economy of Francesco”, Young People Conversing with Indian Economist Sir Partha Sharathi Dasgupta;

May 6

7.00 pm: Cite Nuova presents “Our Legitimacy at Covid 19”, with Giuseppe Gotti, Magistrate of the Directorate of National Mafia and Counter-Terrorism, along with economist Luigino Bruni, journalist Gianni Bianco, and founder of the Libra Association, Don Luigi Siotti.

May 7

1.00 pm: Youth in conversation with European Parliament President David Sassoli;

May 7-9 from Brussels (Belgium) – World Forum #doretocare

May 7

12.00 (UTC + 1): From Brussels, “Dare to Care International Convention, Opening Show. In collaboration with the television production house Sylvester Productions, stories, best practices, ideas, and inspirations for “daring to care” around the world.

1.00 pm: Youth in conversation with European Parliament President David Sassoli;

Ore 14.00: Francesco’s Financial Status, Policies, Happiness and Care

May 8

2.00 pm: “A vaccine for all, a common good needed around the world”, Jeffrey Sachs, economist and essayist (USA), Catherine Belsung, psychologist and professor of neuroscience, France of Tours (France).

9.00 pm: Concert of International Band General Rosso.

May 9

12.00 (UTC + 1): From Brussels, in collaboration with television production company Sylvester Productions, the show “#DareTocare for People and Planet” will focus on the challenges of launching the second phase of the #DoreTocareCampaign. Comprehensive environment, experiences and activities around the world.

3.00pm: “Care and COP26” with Simon Borg, Professor of Environmental and Resource Law at the University of Malta; Lone Gold, Professor of Environment, Sustainability and Social Justice at the National University of Ireland Maine (Ireland); Pascual Ferrara is a diplomat and ambassador.

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