Danny Boon was defrauded of more than €6 million in Ireland

Danny Boon was defrauded of more than €6 million in Ireland

According to our colleagues, Danny Boon would have approached this famous Thierry Fialek-Birles when he was looking for a company to repair his yacht in 2021. The trust established between the two would have advised the actor to work with a company called South Sea Merchant Mariners Limited Partnership (SSMM). He claimed that he was involved in it and that his family created it. Danny Boone would have paid 2.2 million to the company he told to refurbish his yacht.

At the same time, in direct contact with the Irish Central Bank, this famous “Lord Birles” would talk specifically to the actor about a special investment program in French. The actor, interested in the promise of “3.25% interest every year, tax free”, would therefore have repaid 4.5 million to the same company SSMM in July 2021.

Fake business

But a few months after the payment, Danny Boone learned that SSMM was actually taken over by an Italian family. The actor asked for reimbursement of his injected money, but the “Irish Examiner” reports that the funds have already been transferred to accounts in South Korea or Panama.

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