Danny Boon, the victim of a multi-million euro scam

Danny Boon, the victim of a multi-million euro scam

Was Danny Boone the victim of a massive scam? In any case, this is what he claims, related Irish Examiner, a fraud involving millions of euros. According to our Irish colleagues, the 56-year-old actor and director, one of the French’s favorite figures, was duped by a man who presented himself as an aristocrat from an old Irish family. His lawyers also temporarily froze the man’s assets of up to six million euros. This man of many nicknames is known as Terry Birles. He owns several companies that he controls or is a beneficiary of.

According to the actor’s lawyer, who was interviewed by Irish media, he was the victim of an “elaborate fraud” perpetrated by the famous Terry Birles. He alleges she defrauded him using a network of companies set up in Ireland and other jurisdictions. The affair is said to have started when Danny Boone, an avid yachtsman, hired Terry Birles to provide services aboard his yacht. The man would have advised him to work for South Sea Merchant Mariners Limited Partnership (SSMM), a partnership his family had created a hundred years earlier. These services include maintenance and renovation works. Danny Boon would later refurbish the yacht at a cost of over €2.2 million.

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Where did the money go?

But that’s not all. According to the French star’s lawyer, the eccentric Irishman would have instructed Danny Boon in July 2021 to invest in a scheme affiliated with the Irish Central Bank that would allow him to earn 3.25% annual interest tax-free. Danny Boon would have injected no less than €4.5 million. Shortly after the payment, the actor was reportedly informed that SSMM had been taken over by an Italian family. Sensing that the wind had turned, Danny Boone demanded a refund of the injected amount, but the funds would have been transferred to accounts in South Korea or Panama.

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In this case, Danny Boone would have believed Terry Birles for a long time until someone else told him he was Terry Birles’ victim. After an investigation by his lawyers, it turned out that SSMM would be some sort of front company, that the Italian family would not exist and that Terry Birles would be pulling all the strings. Not to mention the supposed tax regime linked to the Irish Central Bank. Between April and July 2021, Danny Boon would have advanced €6.7 million. The money he paid to refurbish his boat could have been used for Terry Birles’ house, while a vessel he owns is in the sights of investigators. Today, Danny Boone hasn’t seen his money. The court will hear the case again next week.

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