Daniel Pearl, No Justice: Pakistan frees 4 killers. Family: «An Inferiority – Corriere.it

Daniel Pearl, No Justice: Pakistan frees 4 killers.  Family: «An Inferiority - Corriere.it

Ock is a joke, disguised as all justice. The release of these killers endangers the lives of any journalist or Pakistani anywhere in the world. We urge the Governments of Pakistan and the United States to take action to rectify this scandal. “ So it was with the family of the angel Of Wall Street JournalA Quidditch cell in Karachi was brutally murdered between January and February 2002, using the motives and methods used by ISIS to assassinate Westerners a few years later and to the serial beheading carried out by ISIS, commenting yesterday on news from Islamabad.

The stage is serious, but it is very outdated. The Supreme Court in Islamabad, the country’s top law firm closely associated with security equipment, has decided to release him Ahmed Omar Saeed Al Sheikh And three other known exponentials Quidditch cells in Karachi All who have already been sentenced to life in prison for making Pel വിതരണം’s death, making and distributing video. “These people should not have spent a day in a cell,” say their lawyers. Al Sheikh, Born into a Pakistani immigrant family in Great Britain, he was even sentenced to death. Local and especially international media outlets have repeatedly reported on the efforts of the Pakistani military intelligence services, which are notoriously linked to the Afghan Taliban. Government of India.

The kidnappers demanded the release of al Qaeda-linked Pakistani militants arrested during the US-led invasion of Afghanistan. The live video of his beheading shocked the world. Soon after, the Pakistani intelligence services handed over al-Sheikh to the Karachi police. He realized that he was in their care. He was a well-known person. His name appeared in the 1994 kidnapping of Western tourists in India He was released in December 1999 while being held hostage by Kashmiri groups to end the hijacking of an Indian plane.

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