Dana White rip referee fights Ed Herman vs. Mike Rodriguez: ‘One of the worst things I’ve ever seen’

Dana White rip referee fights Ed Herman vs. Mike Rodriguez: 'One of the worst things I've ever seen'

Mike Rodriguez Referee Chris Tognoni stopped the fight just moments away from his second consecutive knockout victory. Ed Herman.

After Herman crashed into the mat, Tognoni announced that the low setback was the reason for the knock. But replays clearly show that Rodriguez exploded into the body with a knee that got nowhere near the waist.

Unfortunately, the referee was not allowed to change the decision based on the replay, so the fight continued, and Herman made an amazing comeback to submit Rodriguez with a Kimura in the third round.

Following the incident, the UFC President Dana White It exploded while addressing Tognoni’s controversial decision to call a mistake that never happened, which led to a victory that Rodriguez deserved.

“It’s hard not to bother this person – the worst I’ve ever seen,” White said of Tognoni. UFC Vegas10 Post-war press conference. “He is King [Steve] Masagatti-level. Some masagatti level is right there. It was one of the worst things I ‘ve ever seen.

“That kid wins through knockout and technical knockout and loses the fight. One of the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s disgusting. ”

White also complained about the inability of the replay to change the referee’s call, and it is clear that he made the mistake of suspending the fight for a clear setback rather than handing over the TKO victory to Rodriguez.

In Nevada, the use of replay allowed by officials is limited, but only after the end sequence of a fight. He was not allowed to use the replay on that occasion because the referee declared it worse than the finish.

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“I was with them all tonight about replay,” White said, addressing the Nevada Athletic Commission. “We have to have replay. Needs to be replayed. All you have to do is watch the F ** King replay, which is played 6,000 times, and when Herman stands on the ground, ‘Oh, I made a mistake.’ Not only did it happen, he was like ‘Time!’ Mike Rodriguez goes, ‘Time? What do you mean by time? The fight is over. ‘They start fighting again and he hits him again and hits him like 15 punches and elbows, yet he doesn’t stop it.

“I thought Ed Herman owed that person money or something. Like what Ed Herman did to this guy? Only Ed Herman could pull it off, because that person is so tough. You can’t see everything. They are human. You can’t see everything. That’s hard. How do you think this is a groin kick is the next level nut, but what are you going to do no matter what happens? It just so happened. “

White was never ashamed to target a referee or official, especially when Massagatti was a regular at UFC events in Nevada. Masagatti has not been given a UFC card for several years after retiring from his refereeing duties, but White misses the opportunity to call his name when he makes a bad decision in a fight.

On Saturday night, it was Tognoni’s turn to accept White’s sense of humiliation.

“I tell you, no one has ever paid more attention to Masagatti than that, and it was a masculine moment there for that person,” White said. “This is one of the worst things I ‘ve ever seen. it’s over. The fight is over.

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“It was as if he had been thrown out, and the king allowed him time to rise, so that he could fight again. Literally how it was. As soon as he got up, his whole body was as red as red. ”

Rodriguez’s manager Tyson Charter has already said he intends to file an appeal, but based on previous cases, the commission is unlikely to actually overturn the decision. Thankfully, White added that Rodriguez would receive proper compensation for the fight and that he suffered no injuries as a result of the dedication exerted by Herman in the third round.

“That’s what really bothered me,” White said. “This kid is so kidnapped, he has a broken arm. He has no broken arm. He’s okay, it’s attractive.

“We also give Mike his winning money. He won the F ** King battle. ”

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