Dan Martin, the full circle of this crazy striker is coming, “No more happiness”

Dan Martin, the full circle of this crazy striker is coming, "No more happiness"

After 14 professional seasons, Dan Martin is entering the final stages of his career. This Tour of Lombardy will be his last, as it will be the last race of his career. Because, yes, at 35, the friendly Irishman decided to replace his bike in a good way by the end of 2021.

“I decided to give up when it’s not fun.” This announcement is from the beginning of September, the beginning of the grand departure of the UK tour. That day, Dan Martin The announcement of the withdrawal from the platoon surprised most observers. Almost immediate withdrawal, prudently, with him.

Enjoy, an impression that sticks irreparably on the skin of an unpredictable Irish runner. “I don’t live for the result, I ride for performance and entertainment“He would say it over and over again to anyone who listened to it, a mantra he had developed over the years, because sometimes the headset clears the bicycle pilot that slides into a place in the sun. Dan Martin It seemed like an anomaly.

Eternal striker who likes to appear when you do not expect him. Just like this October 5, 2014, just before the Red Flame, he rose like a cannon from behind to fool a small group of leaders (Gilbert, Valverde, Rui Costa) and win the Lombardy Tour of Surprise General.

A coronation that took place a year ago in 2013 after a coup on the roads of the League-Baston-League Joaquin Cigarillo Rodriguez Finally, before leaving the small Spanish puncher in place, he earned his first career monument and earned a real name for himself.

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Daniel Martin, Martin, cousin of Nicholas Roche, nephew of Stephen Roche, or perhaps a less charismatic man, perhaps less than average, but intelligent in decision-making and his “race choices” often feel good, says Dan Martin.

Also, if he wants to compete with the best in the highest mountains (so he can target the top 3 on a grand tour) and the Irishman is still a little younger, he has been collecting honorable places for a few years in the General (Six Top 10 of his career in Grand Tours). This season, Giro also enjoyed a crash into the controlled circle of stage winners on three grand tours after winning the 17th Opus in 2021.

Unpredictable, sometimes very instinctive but satanically confusing and beautiful to look at, Dan Martin So one of the best achievements among active riders (22 career wins, 2 monuments, 5 grand-tour wins). In the blink of an eye, the Irish decided to bow at the Tor of Lombardy. A race he knows well, he approaches as a sensible alien, in the shadow of loved ones. Once again, but we said it, it should not offend him …

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