Dalu. Cold Street is packed for Halloween

Dalu.  Cold Street is packed for Halloween

We may live in the countryside, but the people of Dallas wanted to celebrate Halloween with dignity. You have to go back a few thousand years to find the origin of this festival. Samhain night was celebrated by Celtic peoples in Ireland and Scotland. On that night, it was believed that the border between the worlds of the living and the dead opens.

At Daloo, a few volunteers and families gathered to celebrate this event, part of the children’s autumn calendar. In the heart of the village, Rue du Cantou and Rue Cold (which is a good thing) have undergone transformations worthy of super horror film productions. The organizers made a scary path and families had to go with their children ready for this initiation. The mayor and representatives of the people attended. Upon arrival, the children were given a small surprise gift and a nice homemade pancake.

In succession, hordes of terrified children stormed into the village, banging on doors to loot sweets and other delicacies. Fortunately, families were prepared for this invasion and happily followed the game.

It was great to see children on the streets with their parents, dressed up, and happy residents in this lively animation.

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