Cycling. The new Bretagne Sud cycling team is a candidate for DN1. Sports

Cycling.  The new Bretagne Sud cycling team is a candidate for DN1.  Sports

The Hennebont-Cyclisme team, winners of this season’s French DN3 Club Cup, will make their way to a new, more ambitious team in 2022: Bretagne Sud Cyclisme Pays de Lorient.

At the initiative of Cedric Le Nai, who has been passionate about the little queen for more than 30 years, BSC Training intends to move a gear up and provide ways to achieve its aspirations. Surrounded by experienced technical executives such as Didier Louthre, Jan DeGeneres, Sebastian Duclos and Pascal Harnois, Cedric Le Nye wants to rise through the ranks.

In fact we are creating two associations, He emphasizes. BSC, Bretagne Sud Formation, juniors from several clubs there (Baude, Quimperley, Carheix, Queen, Chatolin) The new structure will also benefit. It is the project of a working group at the sports, human and industrial levels with the contribution of new partners at the same time.

Recruitment and funding

Next season, BSc recruitment is not excluded. We will have 23 riders, including 12 in the first category and 11 in the second. We rely on young people overseen by experienced runners. Three foreigners, two Irish and one Englishman, will come to strengthen the group. Yan DeGene, one of the three technical executives, underscores. We are on a training axis, with runners in construction and more experienced people who want to bring their experience.

Who says new ambitions mean a growing budget? We estimate a provisional budget of 37 370,000. We have retained our partners including Leclerc Hennebont, and others including B 2 B, CIC, Agglo Lorient and BH Cycles. We are going to the Commission with the FFC in Paris on December 2nd. There is no reason not to pass our firm plan, By C├ędric Le Ny.

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The BSC team has teamed up with the Spanish coach Burgos-BH, the professional continental team, with the aim of helping the best in training to reach the highest level.

Squad for next season

MO Laughlin (Ireland), o. Dogan (Ireland), t. Martin (England), n. David, L .; Morris, U.S.A. Bolgiani, a. Sidner, a. Haspot, A.; Lavole, F .; Gwenegou, L .; Fremont, G .; Coquen, L .; Segui, T .; Tardival, J .; Rupnik, e. Fernandes, e. Brentarch, A .; Drummel. Also note that Joel Pelier and Bruno Cornelight will be technical advisers. The official presentation of the new team will take place on Saturday 22nd January in Hennabond.

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