Cycle to the moon from home, it is possible with fit immersion

Se plonger dans des décors de montagnes ou de villes grâce à un casque de réalité virtuelle

Interview with Dmitry Prikhodko, Founder of Fit Immersion

As in many businesses, the Covid-19 crisis prompted you to completely redefine your goal.

We founded the company in 2017. Our first target was the gyms. Then Kovid arrived and closed all the theaters. This is where we need to focus on individuals.

In what universe can we sink?

Most of the current routes are in France. Paris is just like Marseille or the Pyrenees. But we have routes in Russia, where you can cycle to Red Square, for example. We now have routes from Ireland, and some 3D routes that we can walk on the moon.

You have different offers, can you explain them?

Complete kit, everything is there, nothing else is needed. This is a self-powered headset, so you may need to recharge frequently, but do not need a computer. The mobile kit requires an Android or iOS smartphone. The Oculus Kit requires the Oculus Quest headset.

What kind of sensations does this deep experience evoke?

It makes us forget that we are struggling on our exercise bike. Some customers are even going to take the exercise bike outside to make it more realistic.

How many people currently use your helmet?

We have over a hundred users. This is just the beginning, about six months later and we are starting to walk a little more.

Among the new followers of your deep helmets, there is the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet!

Yes, we are very happy that this is working on ISS. During use we saw that he turned his head and sometimes stopped to observe. He traveled to Paris. Have a great experience!

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