‘Cyborg’ and ‘Sword and Sorcerer’ director Albert Pune (69) passed away.

'Cyborg' and 'Sword and Sorcerer' director Albert Pune (69) passed away.

Albert Pune, director of low-budget B movies The sword and the sorcerer, Cyborg etc Nemesis, died. He was 69 years old.

Pune died on Saturday, his wife and producer Cynthia Curran said. He was previously diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and dementia.

In 1982, the filmmaker released his first film. The sword and the sorcerer, starring Leigh Horsley, Kathleen Bellor and Simon McCorkindale. The fantasy film grossed $39 million ($120 million today) domestically and remains the highest-grossing title of his career.

Later releases included Jean-Claude Van Damme’s dystopian martial arts thriller. Cyborg (1989); Captain America (1990), starring Matt Salinger as the titular superhero in Marvel’s first mainstream live-action feature; And futuristic action movie Nemesis (1992).

Born in Hawaii on May 19, 1953, Peon worked as a commercial film editor before moving into feature films. He is known for his prolific production of projects, many of which were direct-to-video, and has worked with notable names such as Kris Kristofferson, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, James Coburn, Christopher Lambert, Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, and Charlie Sheen. Cathy Ireland.

In a 2012 interview GizmodoPune said he made so many post-apocalyptic films because the locations were cheap and easy to find. Although he is known for making several cyborg films, he said the decision was practical.

“I’m not interested in cyborgs,” the filmmaker said at the time. “I’ve never been interested in post-apocalyptic stories or settings. I feel like these circumstances have given me a way to make films for very little money and to explore ideas that I really want to explore – even though they [controversial].”

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