CyberPunk 2077 Best Cyberware | Where to Find Top Tire Tech

CyberPunk 2077 Best Cyberware |  Where to Find Top Tire Tech

In the world Cyber ​​Punk 2077 You can find the latest Cyberware From almost every angle, the system that defines this method improves your vision, athletic ability, and combat ability.

There are many different variations to choose from in your friendly heart neighborhood, Ripperdock, but what’s the price for your hard – earned money? Here are some of our picks for it The Best Cyberware of CyberPunk 2077.

Where to find and install cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077

While you can loot pieces of cyberware throughout your adventure, you can’t go under the knife and install it anywhere.

The main place where you interact with cyberware is one of the many repertoires of Night City. These specialized surgeons know everything you need to know about the futuristic modifications you can make to your body, and each of them is qualified to perform the required tasks.

Check your map and search for the ForceSpace icon to find your nearest Ripperdock.

However: Be sure to shop when visiting different parts of the city. As different clothing stores store different items in Cyberpunk 2077, you can find new and exciting cyberware in various clinics around Night City.

Once you pass one, be sure to look into their stock.

Once you’ve found a ripper doc, talk to them and you can install any cyberware they own or their available stock – if you’ve got the money and the street credit.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Best Cyberware

This is not the most exciting, but Dermal Armor is a cheap and useful basic cyberware implant that you can afford already in the game.

Usually, this increases your base armor by a few points, just as you would wear an extra item of clothing.

The smart-link grip that allows you to use auto-targeting smart weapons is actually generic. You need to remember to take it.

After you finish “The Heist”, go to Westbrook and talk to Wakako in your journal “The Gig” query.

She will give you a pass pass for a smart-link tattoo at a reporter in the northern part of the city.

  • Mantis blades and gorilla weapons

Once you get to 20 Street Credit, you can buy one of the best cyberware upgrades in the game – basically robotic weapons that allow you to beat people the best you can.

They come in two skis: mantis blades that are part of the blades and reflex attribute, and gorilla weapons under the body.

Depending on what type of character you are playing, they are essential in any playthrough.

Mantis blades give you the ability to align with your opponents and cut down on unknown victims. Street fighting side quests require gorilla weapons.

If you want to create a stealth character build, this cyberware is a must. Synaptic accelerator slows down the upgrade of the nervous system over time when you find an unknown enemy.

This gives them a few important moments to go back to the cover, or completely overlook their point of view. It’s a little powerful to be honest, but there’s very little going on in the quiet way.

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Although CyberPunk 2077 is not the hardest game, you often get into fights where your health is slowly slipping away, or recovering after a battle and going to the next half coke.

You can effectively prevent this by purchasing heel-on-kill cyberware that restores a portion of your health whenever you defeat an enemy. Keeps you healthy without avoiding using a bounce back.

Some of the cheaper options, still the best, restore 3% of your health each time. At the same time you get more expensive and more powerful versions.

There is also a stamina version, which is very useful for meli characters who make more use of their stamina bar.

  • Strengthened tendons (double jump)

This cyberware is starting to appear at the end of Act 2 in this game, and it’s a great addition to your arsenal.

Not only does this make traversal much easier, you can also run much faster when double jumping spam – basically it also becomes a big buff in your sprint speed.

The double jump gives you a lot of extra options when traveling and stealing in open areas, and it’s generally a lot of fun; Highly recommended.

For more information on CyberPunk 2077, here’s how to buy new cars and bikes for your garage.

Or if this is a post-help story for you, here’s our query guides to pickup and info.

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