Cybercrime: Internet and media:

Cybercrime: Internet and media:

John von Tetsner, founder and CEO of software company Vivaldi Technologies, has revealed two key indicators of identity theft. His commentary on how Russians identify a leak, Leads “”.

The specialist advised to pay attention to the advertisement that a person encounters on the internet on a daily basis. If ads change according to a user’s lifestyle, advertisers are more likely to use their digital footprint. “For example, if you check the weather in another city, you will soon see ads for cheap tours to that city,” Techner explained.

The second sign is advertising calls. According to Techner, if a person receives unwanted calls, it indicates that the secret information left on the Internet, for example, contacts for a courier, was received by the ad supplier.

The CEO of Vivaldi Technologies said that using a VPN program and high-quality software to ensure the security of the device can protect the user from unwanted calls and advertisements, and clean the cache and cookies regularly. In addition, he advised to use the “incognito” mode and reminded that it is important for a person to be careful about the information they post on the network.

“If possible, avoid tracking or personal ads. You can change your privacy settings on Facebook and prevent the social giant from tracking your activities, ”Techner added. Experts conclude that users need to carefully monitor what permissions they give to iPhone or Android apps.

Former Head of the SMM Division of TOK-Media Evgeny Kochergin Named An effective way to protect yourself from cybercriminals. In his opinion, Russians should stick to the front cameras of phones and laptops.

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