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Cutlass attack: The culprit surrendered to the police

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This Tuesday morning, a man accused of cutting off 3 fingers of his cousin’s right hand by a cutthroat at the Alle des Flambientes in Captere Belle-E finally surrendered himself at the police station. The police are listening to the person. Knowing that he had been wanted since he escaped, he abandoned himself and ended the isolation to explain himself. So he was immediately arrested and released into police custody. Continuing custody.

The man, who is known to the police, gender and justice, has already been convicted of aggravated assault and, if proven guilty, can find himself in a state of recurrence and cause for his behavior. . The origin of the dispute, and the reasons that prompted him to take up arms with a cutlass, are particularly sought by the police. A gesture that can have more serious consequences.

They also want to know about the rumors circulating. The detainees are rumored to be armed with a hunting rifle. All of these factors require clarity depending on the rest of the hearing and the resulting legal consequences.

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