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Amy Adams wird in Verwünscht 2 erneut zu Märchenprinzessin Giselle. Foto: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/ImageCollect

In “Verwünscht 2” Amy Adams became Princess Giselle again. Photo: Xavier Colin / Image Press Agency / Image Collect

It’s been 14 years since Amy Adams actually fell in love with a lawyer as a fairy tale princess in “Bewitched” in New York City. On U.S. television, she revealed about the shooting of the second part this summer: “Everyone’s back.”

About 14 years ago, Amy Adams, 47, arrived in New York City as the fairy-tale princess Giselle “Vervansh” and fell in love with divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey, 55). Der “Tonight Show” Two-time Golden Globe winner Jimmy Fallon, 46, of the U.S., spoke on the filming of a sequel to the Disney adventure this summer. Among other things, they revealed that all the actors from the first part have returned to the party.

Amy Adams is excited about “Best Newcomer” Maya Rudolph

“We shot in Ireland. Everyone came back,” Adams said on the program. There are “big newcomers”, especially Maya Rudolph (49, “Bridal Alarm”), who plays “bad”.

The six-time Oscar nominee also announced that there will be more singing and dancing on the first part of “Vervanshet 2” – which made her “humble”. Why? “Last time I danced as much as I did this [Film] I was in my twenties. I’m not in my twenties now. It felt different in the forties, Adams admitted with a laugh.

“Cursed 2” is set to launch in 2022 at Disney +

Director Kevin Lima (59) had great success with the 2007 film “Verwünscht”, which included Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, as well as James Marsden (48), Idina Mensel (50) and Susan Sarandon (74). Adam Shankman (56) will present the sequel, which will be launched in 2022 on Disney +, the mouse company’s in-house streaming service.

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