Cup of America, Patricio Bertelli Baron of the! How many attacks on the pitcher… Historical record – OA Sport

Cup of America, Patricio Bertelli Baron of the!  How many attacks on the pitcher… Historical record - OA Sport

Sir Thomas Johnston Lipton. Most of us have heard this at least once. Or in a history book, or simply on the table, especially on the hottest summer days. Renamed The Baron He earned his living by selling this favorite drink in Anglo-Saxon countries. He was Scottish and was born in London (England) to Irish parents. Philanthropist, businessman, historian, Sir Lipton can be considered a pioneer of self-made man. It was formed in 1890 to form the founder of the English brand Lipton.

What has Sir Thomas Johnston Lipton got to do with sports? Very simple: He is the man who has tried to attack the US Cup the most times. La Vecchia Broca, the world’s oldest sports trophy (born 1851), has always fascinated the trader who wants to join the 100 Guinness World Records at all costs. He tried five times between 1899 and 1930, but unfortunately never succeeded in his purpose. From 1851 to 1983 he was the defending champion of the New York Yacht Club, the owner of the American Cup, and he had to lead every opportunity to defend Gallian. He carried his shamrocks (clover, symbol of Ireland) across the Atlantic Ocean. By the time he got home with empty pockets (in every sense …).

The first two attempts were against Titanic Columbia, armed with banker JPMorgan (Still one of the most important institutions in the world). Double 3-0 between 1899 and 1901, Farewell to Glory. In 1903 he tried again3-0 against Reliance. Even during World War I, at least Americans are going crazy. Abandoned weapons, Sir Lipton decides to try again The company seems possible: in 1920 it took a 2-0 lead against Resolution, Shamrock IV is one step away from glory, but the hosts recover and win the beautiful playoffs (3-2).

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Even this blow is not enough: Ten years into the 1930s, the Barnett of the 1930s seeks to reconsider everything, But again the Americans (especially with the enterprise) are blocking his way. He was spared death: he died in London on October 2, 1931 At the age of 83, without even being able to hold the 100 Guinness World Cup, Great Britain has never won in its 170-year history.

Patricio Bertelli, Prada CEO e Luna Rosa’s patron will surpass Sir Lipton’s historical record. The Tuscan businessman has been chasing the American Cup for twenty-one years: five real attacks in the trophy, none winning. In 2000 and 2021, the Italian team lost to New Zealand in the Auckland Waters (5-0, 7-3), and in 2007 and 2013 it was always the Kiwis who broke the dream, but in the final there were only Challengers on the day of the Louis Vuitton Cup, Lipton, and he did not have to go through the foreplay. ). In 2003, Louis Vuitton was eliminated in the Cup semi – finals.

It should be noted that Bertelli was applauded in 2010 and 2017, but in the first case the court ruled that only Oracle was eligible to face Aling, and he decided to withdraw from the protest after changing control four years ago. The 74-year-old has already confirmed that Luna Rosa will try again in the next edition So, when the time comes It will surpass Baron’s record of 91 years and is expected to eventually bring the US Cup to Italy.

When is the next US Cup? The challenge of pairing between NZ and Inios in 2022 itself? Discretion

Photo: COR 36 | Studio Borlengi – Cup of America

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