Cup champions. Munster, Castres’ best-known rival in recent years

CHAMPIONS CUP. Le Munster, un adversaire bien connu des Castrais ces dernières années

After competing in the European Challenge for two years, Castro returned to the Olympics for the big European Cup this season. After a slight defeat in his inaugural match against England champions Harlequins. On the second day of the European campaign, Tar will face the well-known Monster. Munster beat the grasshoppers 14-35 on their own turf. Castras, on the other hand, is in poor shape to qualify after his defeat to Pierre Fabre. To expect to qualify for the finals, CO needs to bring victory back to Thomont Park. A stadium well known to Tarnise, as both teams have been in the same pool for the past two seasons at the 2018 France Champions Cup. To these last 4 encounters.

Cup champions. Already trampled on in the beginning, are UBB, Clermont and Castres already in danger?

October 15, 2017: Castress 17-17 Monster

When Castres hits TOP 14, Munstermen, the semi-finalist of the last edition, gets them for the launch of their European campaign. Tornice opened the scoring in the 12th minute through Eberson’s superb strike. The Irish opened their counter through Sebo in the 30th minute and Murray served well under the posts. Just 3 minutes later, after a magnificent collective action, Dumora overcame the Irish defense and spread the ball to the Promised Land 14-10 at half time. CO is more than ever in the game. On his return from the locker room, Murray quickly surprised Tornice with a penalty and sent his shot down 14-17. 51st Urdappilla equalized through a penalty. CO will come close to a win after losing the opener game late penalty and stoppage drop.

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January 21, 2018: Munster 48-3 Castress

After a draw in the first quarter, CO moved to Thomont Park with the big team. Unfortunately on the other side of the pool, racing was successful on the lawn in Leicester. An outcome that excludes Costrs from the competition even before the match has even begun. Information that certainly had its weight during the game. Castes did not exist even for a moment in Ireland. If Cocot scored the first points of the match through a penalty, the men of the French international would continue to move throughout the game. Well-formed Monstermen will recite their rugby and register at least 5 attempts. A European campaign to make the people of Castro forget.

December 9, 2018: Monster 30-5 Castress

Rebellion. After being in the same pool as the previous year, Castro Traise and Monsterman meet again for the 2018-2019 edition. Reigning French champions Tornice moves to Thomont Park. The first period marked Castras’ powerlessness against the Irish. The men of Christoph Urios did not play a single second in Munster’s 22m during this first act. Despite their struggles, the French champions are still in the game, 6-0 at half time. 4 minutes after coming back from the locker room I could not see the CO crack. In the second half the Irish registered 3 attempts, all transformed. In the 82nd minute, Martin Lao scored a try to save the French’s honor in injury time.

December 15, 2018: Castress 13-12 Monster

A week after the return match, Castress received the Olympic Monsterman on the lawn of Pierre Fabre. Very difficult circumstances will make this match very padlocked. Both scorers succumbed to their injuries early in the match. Until the 25th minute and Costa Rica’s mainstay Paya Fanunu’s try, the two teams split 10-6 at the break. An extra penalty on each side at the start of the second period. After passing a new penalty, Urdapillate gives his team a 4-length lead. In the 70th minute, Conway dived in just before the in-goal and scored the Irish’s try. After a video refereeing, the attempt to make a very small move from the winger will be rejected. Carberry adds 3 points to his team in 10 minutes. Castras is heroic until the final whistle of the Olympics, and promises victory over the Irish barley.

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If only Castro had known the Olympics how to properly receive the Monstermen on the lawn of Pierre Fabre. The people of Tornado have more difficulties when it comes to playing in Ireland. OC corrected him on his last two trips to Thomont Park. This weekend, if the Broncos’ men still want to qualify, they deserve no wrongdoing in Ireland this Saturday.

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